Amber Heard Squid Game meme trend takes over the internet ahead of season 2 release.

The famous defamation case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was closed a few weeks ago.

But this time around, Amber Heard’s meme from Squid Game is dominating social media. But what is it?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Amber Heard’s squid game meme?

The meme surfaced online after the creators of Squid Game mentioned that a second season of the 2021 hit series was in production.

In the photo, Amber Heard’s face was photoshopped on the body of squid game participant #1. 456.

When asked why Heard joined this deadly game, he replies, ‘You have to pay Johnny Depp’.

The explanation behind the Amber Heard Squid Game meme

The meme went viral on social media platforms after a seven-member jury released multiple verdicts in support of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

He also received $15 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Nevertheless, the court awarded the Aquaman Star $2 million in compensatory damages.

Simply put, the now 33-year-old actress owes Depp nearly $8.35 million.

However, a series of speculations have emerged as to whether Heard will be able to pay the full amount.

Heard’s attorney Elaine Charlson Bredehoft has already argued that the actress ‘absolutely’ can’t afford it.

The Korean series features money-hungry participants competing in a lethal children’s game for huge cash.

So the meme suggests Heard join the squid game to pay Depp the amount the jury awarded him.

However, this meme has been posted and reposted multiple times on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

What we know about Squid Games Season 2 so far

Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote a special letter to thank the fans for their love and support.

He works as a writer, director, and executive producer of Korea’s iconic series.

Donghyuk said that it took 12 years for Squid Game to appear on TV, but only 12 days before it became popular.

In the letter, he hinted that several characters, including Ki-Hoon Sung and The Frontman, would return to their respective roles.

Donghyuk said that he plans to introduce a new character in the sequel, such as Younghee’s boyfriend.



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