Amber Heard’s role in Blade Runner 2049 was revealed in a defamation trial against Johnny Depp.

The controversial Amber Heard v Johnny Depp defamation trial resumed on Monday after a week-long suspension.

Heard’s legal team recently hired entertainment expert Kathryn Arnold in a trial.

Arnold made several big claims in favor of the actress. She also compared Heard’s professional career to some of Hollywood’s leading stars, which provoked outrage on the Internet.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Catherine Arnold enters

Kathryn Arnold testified that her Hollywood career was ruined after speculation that Amber Heard may have falsified domestic violence.

Arnold noted that the creators liked Heard’s work, but ‘we can’t work with her right now’.

She further spoke of the damage Heard faced on the financial side. What’s more, experts compared Heard’s earnings to other actors, including Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Zendaya, Chris Pine and Ana de Armas.

Netizens were not satisfied with Arnold’s testimony. They went to her Twitter to criticize her.

One user wrote: ‘I literally testified that Ana de Armas from Blade Runner 2049 is comparable to Aquaman’s Amber Heard’.

Talking about Heard’s potential rise in the industry, Arnold hinted at Heard’s work in Blade Runner 2049. Nevertheless, Arnold was brutally beaten by Johnny Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison during cross-examination.

Johnny Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison attacked Kathryn Arnold for not knowing Amber Heard’s work.

First, Wayne Dennison asked about the actor Arnold had previously compared to Heard. During cross-examination, it was observed that Arnold did not know Patrick Wilson, who co-starred in Heard’s Aquaman.

Second, I learned that she didn’t even know about Heard’s role in Blade Runner 2049. The Aquaman actress only appeared once in a film that was placed on a billboard.

During cross-examination, Dennison asked Arnold if he had seen Blade Runner 2049.

An entertainment expert said she did.

Dennison further questioned the role Heard played in Blade Runner 2049.

‘That was a few years ago,’ Arnold said. I don’t remember exactly what role she played but she was in that movie and her agency should have taken advantage of it to get more of her.’

Dennison enlightened Arnold by pointing out to Arnold, ‘Don’t you know that her main role in that movie is a huge naked billboard?’

Arnold claimed that he doesn’t remember a specific role for Heard in Blade Runner 2049.



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