Amber Heard’s viral elevator clip with James Franco is evidenced by Johnny Depp’s legal team.

In the midst of the controversial Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case, the actress was cross-examined by Depp’s legal team over James Franco’s late-night visit.

For those in the dark, Heard filed for divorce from Depp in May 2016, days after Franco visited the star in her penthouse.

Here’s everything you need to know.

James Franco visited Amber Heard late at night when Johnny Depp was not in town.

In a recent testimony on May 17, Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez questioned Amber Heard about his relationship with fellow actor James Franco.

Vasquez’s question seems to imply that Heard and Franco are romantically related to each other.

Heard and Franco previously starred opposite each other in the 2008 comedy The Pineapple Express and the 2015 crime drama The Adderall Diaries.

Vasquez presented a video of Franco entering Depp’s penthouse elevator. In the video, Franco can be seen resting her head on Heard’s shoulder and making a friendly gesture.

This video is time-stamped since 11PM on May 22, 2016.

Amber Heard talks about relationship with James Franco

During cross-examination, Amber Heard claimed that he and James Franco were merely friends and neighbors.

Later, at 11 PM, she was asked why Franco had visited.

Heard said he was tired of the support network of his friends. She added that she was delighted to have welcomed her at the time as many friendships as she could get.

Heard was soon asked why they were ‘cozy’ on the way up to the penthouse, as seen in a CCTV clip.

‘She put her head on my shoulder after seeing my face. He touched my face and reacted to what he saw.’

In previous testimony, Depp had already revealed that Heard suspected Heard was having an affair with James Franco.

Conversely, Heard claimed in testimony last week that Depp “hadred” Franco.

She said she was ‘with the Pineapple Express and is being charged with secretly living with him in the past’.

Heard reportedly dated Franco and Elon Musk briefly in 2017. The names of the two men are on Heard’s list of witnesses, but neither of them will testify without commenting.

Heard’s sister and actress, Ellen Barkin, will testify for Heard this week.



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