Amber Rose faced outrage online for releasing ‘GYHO’ on the same day as the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Amber Rose released their debut rap single ‘GYHO’ on June 24 and recently gathered a hot topic through SNS.

Rose has previously dated famous rappers such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, 21 Savage and Machine Gun Kelly.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Amber Rose Controversy Over New Song ‘GYHO’ Release

Abbreviation for ‘Get Your H** On’, Amber Rose’s new song ‘GYHO’ is a provocative track full of explicit sexual lyrics.

Lyrics include ‘I flex on h**s’. Damn Benz, this is a rose. Wet pu**y, we slang. You monster bastard, yo ding.’

On The Hook, she sings ‘All My Girls Get Your Sex’.

Produced by Mannie Fresh, this song is a provocative reinterpretation of Big Tymers’ 2000 hit song ‘Get Your Roll On’.

Rose was a controversial figure in the hip-hop scene, considered by many to be no match for her.

However, the model also caused a stir online on Friday after releasing the track in conflict with a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Roe v Wade case.

Following the ruling, a court has legalized abortion bans in US states. The right to abortion, which was offered to women for more than two generations, is now determined by individual states.

The court found that ‘the Constitution does not grant the right to abortion. Roe and Casey have been dismissed and the power to regulate abortion returns to the people and elected representatives.’

They went on to say that ‘the Constitution does not mention abortion, and such a right is not implicitly protected by constitutional provisions.’

The ruling is said to have significantly curtailed the rights of women in the United States.

Artists like Taylor Swift, Halsey and Billie Eilish have used social media to comment on court decisions.

However, Rose remained silent about the issue that caused users to criticize the singer.

Users react to dropping Amber Rose’s ‘GYHO’ on the same day as Roe v. Wade ruling

Netizens weren’t impressed that Amber Rose released a raunchy track the same day the court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling.

One netizen commented, ‘A video between Pride, RoV Wade, and Amber Rose. This is an exciting time.’

Another said, ‘She throws this away when Roe v Wade flips over? Sorry but terrible mf timing.’



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