American Financial Infidelity Report: 2 in 5 Survey Respondents Hide Their Crypto Purchases

According to a recent survey, two out of five Americans in committed relationships have admitted to hiding their cryptocurrency purchases from their partners. Crypto Cheating Partners believe that disclosing purchase information will damage their relationship.

Reasons for not disclosing purchases

According to a Circuit survey to determine the extent of financial injustice in Americans, two in five respondents hid their cryptocurrency purchases from their partners. According to the survey results, respondents who confessed to hiding their cryptocurrency purchases from their partners believe that disclosing such acquisitions would damage their relationship.

as mentioned in blog post To summarize the survey results, US partners in committed relationships often do not disclose specific acquisitions because they believe such purchases are not important or not their partners’ business. The post notes that “Parents were more likely to hide their purchases from their partners than those without children.” Embarrassment or fear of judgment are some of the other reasons Americans choose to hide certain purchases.

In addition to hiding cryptocurrency purchases, the survey also shows that US partners are not disclosing about nine other secret acquisitions. These acquisitions range from adult toys and pornography to food and grocery deliveries.

American Financial Infidelity Report: 2 in 5 Survey Respondents Hide Their Crypto Purchases

consequences of lies

While respondents have reasons for choosing to keep their purchases secret, the blog post warns that lying about money issues “can lead to mistrust, debt, fights, and relationship problems.” Therefore, to minimize the risk of being caught, Americans use a variety of tactics to prevent secret purchases from being discovered.

One of the tactics that 38.9% of respondents appear to use to prevent partners from discovering secret purchases is to open secret credit cards. In other cases, respondents said they would ask a shipping service to hide their purchase. The survey found that about 41.1% of men asked delivery services to hide their purchases, compared to 34% of women.

On the other hand, one in three women said that they had an experience of hijacking the driver right before delivery. Only 1 in 4 men admitted to doing the same.

According to survey results, the most effective way Americans use to hide their purchases is to clear their browsing history. Approximately 45.7% of respondents admitted using this method. Special Delivery Requests are the next most effective method used by cheating partners.

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