AMV BBDO Launches AMVxOpen To Help Brands Be More Inclusive of People with Disabilities

Abbott Mead Vickers has partnered with Open Inclusion to launch AMVxOpen. AMVxOpen will help brands identify products that could be more inclusive for people with disabilities.

The partnership will provide consulting, market scale and comprehensive innovation.

Open Inclusion provides comprehensive consumer insight, strategy, and product innovation. Its network has access to over 275,000 people with disabilities.

AMVxOpen is working with clients on a live brief for a comprehensive design.

Sarah Hore-Lacy, AMVxOpen Director at AMV, said: This is not only the right thing to do, but it is also better for the business.”

Its first customer, Rexona, Unilever’s deodorant brand Rexona, called Sure in the UK, teamed up with AMVxOpen at Degree Metathon, a marathon held in Metaverse.

Ideas based on Decentraland’s virtual world were reviewed by a partnership panel and provided feedback after playing by participants with different needs on the day of the event.

Christine Hemphill, Managing Director of Open Inclusion, said:[This partnership] It will deliver next-generation products, services and experiences that will improve the equity of commercial solutions while providing great value to organizations that embrace the power of better design approaches that are more broadly informed.”

AMV BBDO CEO Sam Hawkey added, “We believe that fundamentally open, collaborative and decentralized systems are the key to mutual value and growth.”

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