Amy Schumer is being blamed for a nationwide tampon shortage. Check it out. What’s the reason?

Procter & Gamble blames comedian Amy Schumer for a nationwide tampon shortage.

In July 2020, Amy Schumer, 41, took part in an ad for Tampax, P&G’s most popular tampon brand in the United States, with the goal of normalizing the conversation about menstruation.

“Retail sales growth has skyrocketed,” said Cheri McMaster. time magazineDemand has risen 7.7% since the 2022 Oscars organizers appeared in a series of advertisements for the company two years ago, he added.

Where can I use Tampax tampons?

In many countries and regions, Tampax tampons are currently difficult to obtain “taking advantage of the shortage of Amazon dealers”. According to the publication, 18 packages of Tampax “sold for $114 in January, which is about $6 more per tampon than women typically pay.” A charity helping homeless women observed a “significant reduction” in donations of feminine hygiene products and extreme scarcity complaints in a Reddit post.

According to McMaster, the company is putting pressure on workers at its Tampax factory in Maine by allowing manufacturers to operate 24 hours a day in an attempt to block the demand dam.

Are Schumer’s Well-executed Public Relations Campaigns Responsible?

Both the “Trainwreck” star and P&G were contacted for comment on the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, P&G’s “most recent quarter posted the highest revenue growth in decades, with sales in the Women’s Care segment growing 10%.”

But Time reporter Alana Semuels doubts P&G’s claim that “Life or Beth” actress Schumer is to blame for the tribe, and questions whether modern advertising has the power to get things out on their own.

Also, other tampon makers like Playtex are in short supply and can’t blame Emmy winners and Tony nominees.

According to Time, the COVID-19 pandemic is partly due to the high demand for masks and other personal protective equipment in the cotton, plastic and paper pulp needed to make tampons, straining the supply chain.

Amy Schumer

Factory closures and shortages of workers also exacerbated the problem.

Tampons aren’t the only necessities hard to find in retailers nationwide.

Fearful parents are suffering from a severe lack of formula that is expected to continue for two months.

The shortage has caused clashes at grocery stores and has taken two newborns to the hospital.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear how much Schumer was paid for an ostensibly important ad, but in July 2020 P&G proudly revealed its relationship with the comedian in a press release.

“Amy doesn’t hesitate to do anything, so when I decided to focus on tampons and physiology training, I thought Amy Schumer was the right choice for me,” they said.

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