Analysis: Media reports about the Texas school massacre bring on Sandy Hook.

“The mass shootings have become America’s copy-paste tragedy,” said Tyler Weyant of Politico. wrote on a tuesday evening. “We change places, cities, the number of deaths and injuries. But the constant is the loss of life, the irreversible people, and the country is in a paralyzed dazed state.”

At least, until it happens again. In this case, 10 days after the last slaughter, the people who have been attacked by meaningless violence and fear once again experienced this movement.

At this point, everything is predictable and official. First comes an initial report of the shooting, followed by details about the deaths and injuries, details about the shooter and motive, and finally the memorial information for the dead. Meanwhile, Fox officials and GOP leaders have argued that the shootings should not be “politicized,” and there is widespread demand for the United States to do something to stop these regular massacres.

“We do comedies like this every time,” said Dr. Annie Andrews, pediatrician and Democratic Congressional candidate. Tweet. “You speak your words. I speak mine. A few more people join the movement. It doesn’t work.”

I’ve come to realize at this point that it’s cliché to even point out that we’re stuck in this endless loop. But I can’t think of anything new or unique. To be honest, I haven’t seen a single point of originality in the last few hours. Years of these horrific acts have collectively exhausted our groundbreaking observations. Everything is recycled. Recycled the last and previous shots.

“Don’t make a mistake,” Don Lemon told CNN on Tuesday night. “And we’ll be back here. I am sad again for the other villages.”

“This is where we are now,” Lemon added.

Opposite word for stelter

Brian Stelter writes:

I wish people would stop saying “no words”. Too many words. inhuman. grotesque. embarrassing.

I’m worried that wacky news reports and clichés could unintentionally disinfect this disgusting violence.

I wonder if words can break clichés. Words like “destruction”. Heavy weapons don’t just injure victims. these weapons destroy dead body. Local reporters at the scene speak that Families are being asked to provide DNA samples to help identify children. Austin American-Statesman’s Niki Griswold said, “I can hear families screaming in agony from the parking lot.” report.

I want everyone to know that reality. Even asking them wants answers to painful questions. What were the victims of Robb Elementary School doing in the last peaceful moments of their lives? What were they thinking when they heard loud noises in the hallway? Did they perceive the sound as a gunshot? Were they afraid of their lives? Did they cry for their mom? for dads? What did they feel at that last moment?

Lots of words. We must use them.

“It’s almost like an instant replay from Sandy Hook.”

“Watching the rise in the number of deaths, one father of the Sandy Hook victims felt defeated,” NYT reporter Elizabeth Williamson told Uvalde. wrote Tuesday night. She spoke with Neil Heslin, who killed her son Jesse Lewis, 6, in 2012, he said after seeing the news reports “felt compelled.” “It’s almost like an instant replay of Sandy Hook,” he said. told Williamson. “The reenactment, he predicted, would include a revived discussion of gun laws…”

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— Author James Fallows wrote a new blog post: “The Hollow Ritual of Gun Massacre” Drawing on his previous posts over the years.
— Brandy Zadrozny of NBC: “I Know I’m a journalist and I shouldn’t have an opinion when babies are genocide … But what do we do? Who is working? How can we stop this?”
— Sam Stein of Politico: “I’m sorry, but this tragedy It’s not ‘unimaginable’. We saw 10 deaths at the grocery store last week! We saw an elementary school where 20 children died in less than a decade. Now I can’t even imagine…”
— Lisa Desjardins of PBS explanation “When I saw this news, I tried to suppress the feeling of vomiting, sobbing or wanting to wake up,” he struggled in texting with lawmakers.
Viral Speech: Senator Chris Murphy’s passionate speech in the Senate was “viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.” New York City “What are we doing?” he asked his colleagues. “Why are you here if you don’t want to solve these existential problems?”
— Novelist Lee Min-jin: “Our bodies are absorb We have to deal with this much violence, loss and sorrow.”
— Liberal podcaster Jon Favreau: “I didn’t think the school shooting could make me sicker or more angry. Then I became a parent. It’s an unimaginable nightmare.”
— Conservative critic Alyssa Farah Griffin: “It’s a terrible and unique American epidemic. answer? Is there anything both sides can do together? It is not enough to explain why action is not justified because each horrific case is slightly different.”

Local coverage of San Antonio

Brian Stelter writes:

San Antonio Express-News, the closest daily newspaper to Uvalde, lead The fact is that this is “one of the deadliest school shootings in modern American history.” The story is full of local details like “It was also award day at Robb Elementary School,” as the school year was approaching.
paper diagram famous It was the second massacre in five years in the San Antonio area. In November 2017, a gunman armed with an assault rifle killed 26 members of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, about 35 miles southeast of San Antonio. Antonio…”

Air Force One on board

President Biden learned of a school shooting while returning from Asia on Air Force One. Billiards reporters on the plane didn’t have Wi-Fi and didn’t know the news until spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre returned to the press room and said that Biden would speak at WH when he landed. Reporters turned on the in-flight TV to watch CNN live. According to CNN’s MJ Lee, “We decided to do a ‘frontline call’. It’s a rare call from the press room to use the phone to give breaking news to landlines and news organizations. A joint statement was agreed upon when read and distributed on the front lines and news networks.”

All major networks showed Biden’s prime time address. live. He asked, “Where are our spines in the name of God?”

Right-wing press immediately calls for more guns

A conversation in the right-wing press immediately turned to calling for armed guards to protect the school. That is, more guns. Fox experts and experts have repeatedly suggested that funds allocated to schools should be used for security personnel to protect against Covid-19. Meanwhile, those who attack those who demand gun control measures. After Biden did so in his public address, Tucker Carlson attacked him with his most vicious words. “The president of the United States is fragile, confused, terribly partisan, and marring the memory of the recently murdered children with the dreaded Democrats’ talk, dividing the country in a moment of deep pain,” said Carlson.

TV notes and quotes

— CNN goes live all night from Texas with some anchors.

— Fox News preempted the 11pm comedy show “Gutfeld” for further live coverage of the massacre…

— Savannah Guthrie co-anchors Wednesday’s “Today” in Uvalde. Other NBC and MSNBC anchors heading to Texas include Lester Holt, Tom Llamas, José Díaz-Balart and Ali Velshi.

— Tony Dokoupil, Co-Anchor of Uvalde’s “CBS Mornings”…

— “FBI” season finale suspended, deadline for CBS “given that it involves a team that prevents school shootings” report
— Speaking of CBS, James Corden said On Tuesday’s “Late Late Show”, “It doesn’t reflect the America I think it is. The America I’ve always admired…”

“It’s only getting worse”

WaPo reporter John Woodrow Cox, author of “Children Under Fire,” says “Children who either get shot or survive and then break forever – have written almost exclusively on this subject for over five years. I have come,” he said. that said “This feeling of fear, helplessness, nausea, whatever it is, this feeling only gets worse with each passing day like today.”
“Since Columbine, more than 300,000 students in K-12 schools have experienced gun violence on campus,” he tweeted. that A perspective to inject into this week’s news coverage…
>> Bigger picture context: “Last year, ‘shooting’ cases surged more than 50%, according to an FBI report…”


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