Andrew Schulz explains why Noah Schapp shouldn’t have leaked Doja Cat’s DMs.

Andrew Schulz accused Noah Schnapp of leaking his DMs with Doja Cat. Well, we all know that Stranger Things has become a new obsession with the internet these days. But wait! It’s not the latest season, but Doja Cat’s interest in Joseph Quinn is driving things crazy. In the ongoing debate between Noah and Doja, Andrew Schulz now has something to say.

Read ahead to learn more about Andrew Schulz blaming Noah Schnapp for leaking DMs to Doja Cat.

Links Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn

The bizarre story captivates the hearts of all audiences. The most popular character in the recent series is Eddie Munson. Yes, this is Eddie Munson, played by actor Joseph Quinn. It’s clear that a character like Munson has fans. We recently learned that even Doja Cat can’t take his eyes off Quinn.

Doja Cat is a fan of Quinn and has been trying to get in touch with him recently. But while you can’t. She thought of contacting other characters from the Noah Schnapp series. Asking Noah to help her get along with Quinn, she even sent Noah her DM.

Noah Schnapp leaked DMs for him and Doja Cat.

Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat recently texted Joseph Quinn. As Doja expressed her crush on Quinn, she told Noah that she would like to reach out to Quinn through her DM. However, she could not find any social media accounts for the actress. In response, Noah shared one of Quinn’s social media profiles with Doja.

But the worst part of that text exchange was when Noah publicly leaked DMs of him and Doja. Doja certainly didn’t like it. In fact, she criticized Noah for expressing it on social media.

Andrew Schulz also blamed Noah Schnapp for the DM leak.

While discussing the ongoing fight between Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat. Andrew Schulz explained how he felt about the whole case. Andrew certainly didn’t take sides with anyone in this matter and he believed she should have spoken to the agent to connect with Quinn.

Meanwhile, Noah Schnapp said he shouldn’t have leaked the DM. He said that private conversations or DMs should not be leaked as they could be a nuisance to the person concerned.

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