Andrew Tate explains controversial comments about influencer bans on Instagram and Facebook

Controversial online influencer and self-proclaimed sexist Andrew Tate has been banned from meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Former kickboxer and reality TV star Andrew Tate has been fired for abusing and violating the meta-policy against dangerous groups and people, the company confirmed via email.

Andrew Tate rose to prominence after appearing on a TV show called Big Brother in 2016, and was dropped from the TV series after a video was released of him beating a woman outside the show. From that point on, he has been blackmailed for his posts on social media platforms that domestic violence charities have called ‘outrageous sexism’. He tweeted in 2017 that women have a place to stay and that rape victims should be held accountable for sexual assault, and since then Twitter has always restricted him from the stage.

Andrew Tate has grown followers with his videos recommended by men, many of which have flowed into the realm of supremacy. In a YouTube video, Andrew Tate described himself as an ‘absolute misogynist’. He said that I am a realist and when you are a realist you are misogynistic. It is absolutely impossible that you can actually establish yourself as a misogynist.

Andrew Tate bans misogynistic content on Instagram and Facebook

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has been banned from Facebook and Instagram, Meta confirmed to CBS News on Friday. 35-year-old Andrew Tate was excluded from two social media platforms because he ignored Meta’s policies regarding risky organizations and individuals according to Meta. The former professional kickboxer had 4.7 million followers on his Instagram account before being banned by the BBC.

He spoke with famous steamer Adin Ross about the band on a Twitch stream, saying he doesn’t know exactly why he was banned from the stage and is confident he’ll be treated fairly. I don’t get mad at them in any way.”

The 35-year-old woman has repeatedly shared her violent feelings towards women and marginalized groups. Recently, she raided his home in Romania as part of a prostitution investigation after police said a woman was detained there despite her objections. Investigations are still ongoing, but two women were rescued in a raid. Before her move to Romania, he said she moved to Romania because it was simpler to avoid rape allegations in an Eastern European country.

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