Andrew Tate net worth

What is Andrew Tate’s net worth?

Net Worth: 20 million dollars
name: Andrew Tate
job: boxer
age: 35 years old
bear: December 14, 1986
country: United States of America
salary: 5 million dollars (annual)
last update 2022

Andrew Tate is an American professional boxer, commentator, and entrepreneur. $20 million net worth. Tate has won the ISKA World Championships three times and the Enfusion World Championships once. Tate publishes lifestyle vlogs and podcasts on her YouTube channel called TateSpeech.

early life

Emory Andrew Tate III was born on December 1, 1986 in Los Angeles, California and raised in Bucharest, Romania. His father, Emory Tate, was an international master of chess. Andrew’s younger brother, Tristan, played himself and his sister Janine in the movie Shipwreck: Island.


Tate won the English Light Cruiserweight Title from the International Sports Karate Association (ISKA) in 2009. Tate fought Paul Randle for the vacant ISKA title after defeating former British supercruiserweight champions Ollie Green and Mo Karbo. In 2011, he lost his first world title match to Jean-Luc Benoit, one point in 12 rounds. Tate lost round 12 points to Jean-Luc Benoit at the vacant ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship, but defeated Benoit in a rematch to win by KO in 8 of the 12 scheduled rounds.

After defeating Cyril Vetter in 2013, Tate was named the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion. He retaliated for his loss to Vincent Petitjean in 2011, earning his second ISKA world title in 2 minutes and 12 rounds. In 2012, Tate lost a point defeat to Sahak Parparyan in the It’s Showtime 85MAX title.

In 2014, Tate competed for the title of Enfusion 85kg world champion. After defeating Wendell Roche in the second round, Tate is one of two fighters to score a TKO against him. He then attempted to defend his championship against Ibrahim El Boustati, but lost by TKO in the first round. After a four-year hiatus, Tate returned to kickboxing in 2015.

He fought in Luton, England, until his retirement. Tate made a comeback at KO Masters 7 in Bucharest, Romania in 2020 and currently resides there. He met Miralem Ameti at the 7th KO Masters and suffered a KO loss in the first round. As per boxing rules, he faced Jake Paul in 2020. Tate offered Paul three million dollars.


  • Enfusion World Champion, 90kg, 2014
  • 84.6 kg, 2013 ISKA World Full Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion
  • 81.5 kg, 2011 ISKA World Full Contact Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 84.5kg, 2009 IKF British Cruiserweight Champion
  • English Full Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion 2009 ISKA

personal life

Tate’s controversial views of women are equally well known. Tate appeared as an “other” housemate in the UK version of the TV show Big Brother in 2016. He kicked off the show in a week for acting outside the home. Later, in a video obtained by Sun, it was reported that he was beating a woman with a belt, which he said was maliciously tampered with.

Tate’s Twitter account was found to be in violation of Twitter rules for 2021, and was permanently suspended due to account evasion as it had already been suspended for other violations. Tate also sparked outrage in 2017 by making comments suggesting that people with depression and mental illness are “lazy” people. Romanian authorities searched Tate’s home in 2022 as part of an investigation into allegations that a woman was trafficked and raped against her will. Surveillance footage showed the American woman was not at risk. The case was eventually dismissed.


Tate’s home is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Romania. A swimming pool with gym, large closet, chess area, luxury car garage, backyard and tons of extras are included in the house. Tate owns many luxury vehicles, including the Lamborghini Aventador for $825,914, the Aston Martin MG 550 for $249,110 and the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport for $3.95 million.


As of 2022, Andrew Tate’s net worth is estimated at around $20 million. Tate’s main source of revenue comes from his company, which includes many casinos in Romania. Andrew Tate earns around $2 million a year, earning from several sources. He has amassed considerable wealth in the fitness industry.

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