Android apps on Windows 11 are getting major updates, including UI changes.

To celebrate this week’s Build 2022 show, Microsoft made another announcement on the Windows 11 front. That said, the improved Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) has arrived at the Microsoft Store.

When WSA was released, it was built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version 11, but Microsoft You have now updated your system to use the latest version. (Opens in a new tab)i.e. AOSP 12.1.

The new WSA app is still in preview, but you can download a test version of it from the Microsoft Store right now.

As you can imagine, the transition to Android 12.1 brings a number of new features. Microsoft removed the nasty flickering effect and better fashion when a minimized app is replayed.

Additionally, networking improvements allow Android apps to connect to devices that are on the same network as your Windows 11 PC, and there are some advancements in developer tools integration.

Among other things, improved support for the mouse and keyboard in the Android app, including a redesigned and streamlined Settings app, and a working scroll wheel.

For those who want more choice in terms of applications, more Android apps are available through the WSA.

Analysis: Rapid progress on the Android front

Microsoft is making significant progress in developing Android on Windows 11. And while Microsoft hasn’t detailed yet what that new introduction will be, it’s equally good to hear that the library of supported apps has been expanded.

Of course, I got my hands on some useful software. (Android apps supported with WSA are only available on the Amazon App Store via Microsoft Store, not on Google Play.)

Naturally, the big caveat here is that this new implementation of WSA remains in preview, so it may be buggy. Jump right in and expect a variety of glitches. No doubt…

Support for Android apps is still in beta, but the full release of the WSA should come with the next major update to Windows 11, the 22H2 update.

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