Andy Cohen Apologizes For How He Treated Garcelle Beauvais At ‘RHOBH’ Season 12 Reunion

Andy Cohen says ‘I’m sorry’ to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais after Bravo host got a backlash from observers In the second part of last week’s RHOBH reunion, Lisa Rinna admitted that she was the one who dumped Beauvais’ autobiography in the trash, not Erika Jayne, who shared the moment on her Instagram. While discussing what’s going on at the reunion, Andy Cohen downplayed it by avoiding Beauvais’ feelings for her memoir in her trash and asking Rinna about her recycling habits, even thinking about it again. Fans of the reality series call Andy Cohen on social media and are now admitting their mistakes/errors.

Andy Cohen said Monday in an episode of his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live that he was discussing a Beverly Hills reunion. Furthermore, I would like to mention that we have listened to everyone’s criticism of the reunion, and we sincerely apologize for not being able to divert the subject and return to a serious discussion. Andy Cohen added that he had ‘deep respect for Garcelle Beauvais’ and that the two had a great and productive discussion after the episode aired last Wednesday. I should have understood her feelings better. I just needed to say since I logged in [to social media] And I understood it, he admitted.

Andy Cohen Apologizes To Beverly Hills Star’s Real Housewives Garcel Beauvais After ‘Robe’ reunion opposition

Andy Cohen is known to have issued a public apology after receiving backlash over his reaction to Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna’s feud at the RHOBH reunion. At the RHOBH reunion reunion, which aired part two on Thursday, October 20, Rinna, 59, revealed that she was the one who dumped Beauvais’ memoir, Love Me as I’m, in her trash heap. Their co-star Erika Jayne recently gained credit after posting a photo of the book via social media. I must tell the truth. I’m the one who dumped Garcelle’s book in the trash, said former soap star Lisa Rinna at that point. Garcelle and I agreed to shake hands and children were not allowed. So about 18 months from the truth, she met my girl Amelia [Hamlin] In her book, not from a positive point of view, but from a negative point of view, so did I.

The model has drawn attention to her that, when it comes to her, she tends to be criticized by Rinna off-screen. I said out loud, ‘What can we do at any time? There are 7 days left until the book is actually released, so what else is there to do? Garcelle Beauvais recalled. So we’ll think about the second version of the book as a whole and pull it out with sound and that’s what we did. Andy Cohen immediately switched the conversation, explaining why Rinna wasn’t reusing what was in her trash can. Fans rebuked the host for not supporting the Haitian native Garcel Beauvais.

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