Andy Dick net worth

What is Andy Dick’s net worth?

Net Worth: $500,000
job: comedian, actor
age: 56
bear: December 21, 1965
country: United States of America
salary: $100,000 (annual)
last update 2022

Andy Dick has a net worth of $500,000. Andy Dick is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, TV and film producer best known for his roles in TV shows such as “NewsRadio” and “The Andy Dick Show.” His first full-time TV job was the short but impactful “Ben Stiller Show”. Andy earns $100,000 per year.

He is known not only for his comedy, but also for his eccentric behavior on several Comedy Central roasts. He appears frequently in the press for dubious reasons. He is also notorious for his strange behavior, drug addiction, and sex offense charges and arrest lists.

early life

Andrew Thomlinson, also known as Andrew Roane Dick, was born on December 21, 1965 in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised in Chicago. Prior to moving to Chicago in 1979, he lived with his family as a child in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and Yugoslavia.

Lassiter High School was his alma mater. During his sophomore year in high school, Dick appeared in several theatrical performances. He was named the reunion king in his senior year. In 1984 he received his diploma from Joliet West High School in Joliet, Illinois. In high school, he made fun of his last name, but one day he went to school dressed up as ‘Super Dick’.

After graduating from high school, Dick moved to Chicago’s Second City and enrolled at Columbia College Chicago after spending a semester at Wesleyan University in Illinois. He did most of his college activities on stage and attended improv comedy classes at the iO Theater.


Dick started his TV comedy career as an actor on the sketch comedy The Ben Stiller Show. Dick appeared as “CBS Page Who Likes to Suck Up” on the third night of David Letterman’s new CBS show in 1993. Dick played stylist Pepé in the 1994 Nanny episode “Maggie the Model”. He also appeared in the following films: Television adaptation to get Smart Fox. Dick co-starred in the 2001 NBC summer TV series Go Fish.

Dick appeared in various sitcoms throughout their run. He played Owen Kronsky from 1995 to 1999 on ABC’s Less Than Perfect (2001-2003) and on NBC’s NewsRadio. In 2001, he produced The Andy Dick Show for MTV, which ran for three seasons before being canceled. In 2004, he appeared on MTV’s The Assistant, a satirical reality show.

Artie Lange, Lisa Lampanelli, Reverend Bob Levy and other celebrities mocked Dick on the 2007 Howard Stern Show. In the end, he was last. Dick also appeared as a medical emergency holographic mark II in the Star Trek episode “Message in a Bottle”. Dick appeared in the third episode of Real World: Hollywood in 2008, notifying the cast that he would be taking an impromptu course. In 2013 he appeared in season 16 of Dancing With The Stars. Dick also appeared on the ABC show Celebrity Wife Swap.

In the film adaptation of the video game Double Dragon, he played the fictional himself. In the 1994 war comedy film In the Army Now, he co-starred with MTV comedian Pauly Shore. Dick appeared in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget as Dr. Appeared as one of Claw’s men. In 1997, he played a supporting role in Bong Water.

Dick made a cameo in Danny Leiner’s “Dude, Where is My Car?” opposite Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott. In 2000, the film had a huge fan base and a modest box office gross of $73 million. Andy Dick co-starred with Tom Green, Amy Smart and Breckin Meyer in Todd Phillips’ “Road Trip” that same year. The film grossed $120 million worldwide in its first week of release.

Andy Dick has worked in many notable films, including Ben Stiller’s comedy “Zoolander” (2001), starring Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Milla Jovovich, and Will Ferrell’s “Old School” (2003), starring Luke Wilson and Vince. appeared in Bourne, Jeremy Piven.

He has voiced roles in “Lion King II: Simba’s Pride”, “Dilbert”, “Clone High”, “Hey Arnold”, and the computer games “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” and “Pain”.

While on house arrest in 2009, Dick developed and starred alongside Andy Dick in the five-episode online series House Detention. Dick and Pauly Shore discussed the possibility of a sequel to In the Army Now during Andy Dick Live. Dick debuted with the web series All Growz Up in his 2013 first episode.

As of May 2022, Dick’s net worth is $500,000.

personal life

Dick calls himself bisexual. Dick was married to Ivone Kowalczyk from 1986 to 1990 and they had a child named Lucas. Lena Sved has two children together. According to Page Six, Dick got engaged to Elisa Jordana in 2021. Dick has been treating drug and alcohol addiction for many years, and he has gone into rehab almost 20 times to try to quit drinking.


Dick was dragged off the stage in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, after taking off his pants and exposing himself to an audience. During the 2005 Comedy Central roast, Pamela Anderson was caught by Dick. After joking that she was her plastic surgeon, she continued to grab her breasts. Dick tried to pet Courtney Love while roasting, but she slapped him in the face.

Dick yelled at the audience on a 2006 comedy show. It was a direct reference to two weeks ago Michael Richards insulted the hecklers by using the nickname ‘nigger’. Dick was forcibly kicked off the stage while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2007. Uncle Frank and Kimmel’s guard Beatrice Rice joined in dragging Dick’s leg. According to Kimmel, who later spoke with him, Dick was not interested in the case.

After frequently molesting and stalking adult film star Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue, Dick was kicked out of the 2011 AVN Awards, an awards ceremony for pornography. He was caught on camera in 2010. Hollywood Club. Dick made anti-Semitic comments about Howard Stern on a radio broadcast by Greg Fitzsimmons in 2011. Organizers said they lost thousands of dollars as a result and considered suing Dick. Dick referred to Stern several times as “a money-hungry Jew” and a “tail-and-tail Jew.”

Dick was fired from Raising Buchanan’s job in 2017 due to complaints about inappropriate behavior. He denied most of the accusations, but said, “I might have kissed someone on the cheek and then licked it.” He was also escorted by being fired from the set of another photo, Vampire Daddy, in the same month, but found out later.

Dick claimed he was robbed in Las Vegas in 2022 and suffered serious facial injuries as a result. He was hit in the head by a man in 2019. Dick assaulted the man in response to accusations of molesting him.

Dick and former NewsRadio co-star Jon Lovitz have been arguing for a long time over the loss of mutual friend Phil Hartman. Dick reportedly gave cocaine to Hartman’s wife at a Christmas party in 1997. At the Laugh Factory in 2007, Dick had a heated argument with Lovitz. Dick refused to apologize to Lovitz, accusing him of being responsible for Hartman’s death. Then Dick’s head was smashed into a bar by Lovitz.

Legal issues and arrests

Dick was questioned about the suicide of actor David Strickland and was able to identify his body. In 1999, the actor committed suicide by hanging himself to a ceiling post with a bed sheet. Dick flew to Las Vegas to party for three days. Dick hit the post in Hollywood with his car in 1999. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, cocaine and cannabis. A court dismissed his felony and minor drug charges after he completed an 18-month drug conversion program.

Dick was arrested in 2004 on charges of exposing pornography after exposing his ass at a nearby McDonald’s. He is accused of exposing the 17-year-old girl’s tank top and bra by pulling it down, exposing her breasts. He was arrested in 2008 on charges of drug possession and sexual assault. Dick was arrested on a sexual assault charge at a pub in Huntington, West Virginia, around 4 a.m. in 2010. He pleaded not guilty and was released from custody on bail of $60,000. Dick filed a civil suit in 2012 by two victims.

Lena Sved received a restraining order for her estranged spouse and two children in 2018. He was charged with touching, molesting and beating women. Dick pleaded not guilty of stealing the penis of an Uber driver in 2019. Dick was arrested in Orange County, California, in 2021 on charges of criminal sexual assault against a man. His fiance Elisa Jordana spoke about the events leading up to appearing on a YouTube show. Jordana claimed in 2022 that Dick used a metal chair to abuse his lover Lucas.


Andy Dick bought a home in Woodland Hills, California in 2008 for $733,000. The home has approximately 2,500 square feet of living room and sits on 15,000 square feet. ft. He also owns two undeveloped plots of approximately 80 acres in Topanga Canyon.

Andy Dick was believed to be living in a barn in 2012. He spent $5,000 on art and decorations for the barn. His ex-wife is just steps from the warehouse. His ex-girlfriend is also within walking distance.


As of 2022, Andy Dick’s net worth is estimated at around $300,000. His main sources of income are performing, singing, producing and providing voice actors. Dick is considered one of the best cartoons of his time as a versatile and dedicated actor. His striking quick rise has been assisted by most of his shows.

Andy Dick has struggled with substance abuse and legal difficulties throughout his career. He was released on bail several times, which significantly reduced his salary and net worth. Andy Dick’s private life is as interesting as public and controversial.

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