AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder end beef after Gib’s viral boxing win

After AnEsonGib’s victory over Austin McBroom, the former seems to have settled everything with Tayler Holder. Yes, the beef between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder is over and the duo now looks like they’re on good terms with each other. Meanwhile, their fans are happy.

Read ahead to learn more about what AnEsonGib is doing with Taylor Holder.

AnEsonGib recently won a match against Austin McBroom.

Recently, AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom fought at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. Where the duo’s fans expected a strong match between them. Luckily it was an AnEsonGib fan who had a good time watching him win battles in the boxing ring.

AnEsonGib wasn’t happy with his match against Austin McBroom. But even KSI beat Austin with his defeat to AnEsonGib. However, AnEsonGib’s win this time certainly paid off for him and Taylor Holder.

AnEsonGib ends his beef with Taylor Holder.

The infamous beef that began between AnEsonGib and Taylor Holder in 2021 is finally over. As in one of the videos that are rapidly spreading through social media, the two can be seen hugging each other once again and getting along well.

The video looks ahead of the McBroom fight. Where Holder and Gibb seemed to be in a very good mood for each other. The duo’s fans have been fond of the way they feed each other meat for over a year.

Beef by AnEsonGib with Taylor Holder

Post AnEsonGib’s win over Austin McBroom. The former seems to have ended his fight with Taylor Holder. Not to be missed, the beef between this duo started in 2021. In the battle between the two, AnEsonGib won by disagreement with Holder.

The fight between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder in the battle between TikTokers and Youtubers had previously been a draw. But later the victory went in Gib’s favor, which didn’t go well with Holder at the time. He even called Gib a “garbage fighter.” But now things are fine between the two and fans are excited to see who Gib will fight next.

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