Angel Brinks opened up about the suicide of ex-husband Bruce Sandlin on Basketball Wives.

In the fifth episode of Basketball Wives, Angel Brinks talks about the suicide of ex-husband Bruce Sandlin. On July 4, 2007, the rapper known as X1 was found dead in his Las Vegas home. Angel admits that it took a long time to get over the trauma of raising his son Azari.

The Basketball Wives is back with a new episode on Monday, June 13, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST on VH1. The hour-long show was full of drama, with fans juggling personal and professional duties while witnessing women participating in good old dramas. Much of it focused on Jackie Christie’s involvement in other people’s relationships.

On the show, Angel Brinks is now pregnant with her Beau Roccstar, and the couple had a gender reveal party, the latter surprising others by giving the rest of the cast and Angel another engagement ring. The cast and the angel themselves were looking forward to the proposal.

Who is Angel Brinks’ ex-husband Bruce Sandlin?

Bruce David Sandlin, better known by his stage name X1, was born on March 6, 1979. He was best known as an American rapper as a member of the New York rap group Gang Green and an unofficial member of the popular rap group Onyx.

Bruce Sandlin was born in Brooklyn and moved to Queens with his parents a year later. Hip-hop became a part of his life when he began to show his skills in the arts by performing freestyle in public and in school.

Soon after, he formed a band with the neighborhood’s youth, including Dez (later called Still Livin’), Chop, Cyph Certified, and Whosane, the younger brother of rapper Fredro Starr.

Then, he created the stage name X1 and started rapping at fast food restaurants such as KFC.

The famous hip-hop group Onyx noticed them and immediately called them to the studio, naming the band Gang Green after the phrase of Fredro Star. They signed with Armee Records, Onyx’s own label, sold by Capitol and Mercury Records.

I’ll Murder You, Bruce and his band’s first single were produced by Onyx. They also filmed a music video for the song that is playing on TV stations across the country. Then a series of concerts and interviews followed. He attended many Onyx recordings. This included a recording of the 1994 Evil Streets Remix with Method Man, and the band gathered more knowledge and footage over time.

Bruce Sandlin was very popular in his hometown, so Onyx decided to leave him alone. The rapper quickly found a place in the new group, contributing to the recording of three albums by the hip-hop trio (Shut ‘Em Down, Bacdafucup: Part II, Triggernometry) and a solo album by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz.

Friends suspect that death was premeditated.

The rapper was found dead by shooting himself in the head at his Las Vegas home, reports said. His friends, on the other hand, believe he was murdered and that his death was staged as a suicide during the July 4 fireworks display. The cause of his death or murder is still unknown.

In addition to Angel Brinks and his son Azari, Bruce Sandlin has a son with his first wife, Baby Vasquez. At the time of his death, he was only 28 years old. Angel Brinks’ son was born a month earlier as a result of the stress of his loss.

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