Another Russian general killed in Ukraine

Another Russian general was killed by Ukrainian forces three months after President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” began in Ukraine.

Retired Russian Air Force Major General Banamat Botashev, 63, became the 13th general to have died on Ukrainian territory since the Russian invasion on February 24, according to figures from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. (Russian Defense Ministry confirmed only two cases, US officials did not disclose specific figures). He was reportedly shot down by Ukrainian forces in the Luhansk region on Sunday and became the highest air force commander killed in the war.

The Ukrainian military has released pictures of the Su-25 fighter shooting down and what it said was a burning aftermath. The pilot said there was no time to escape.

that much BBC Russian service He said he was able to confirm Botashev’s death by talking to several people who had previously been under his command and kept in touch with him.

“Hello, Commander… Few people fly like you on this planet. The sky is doing its best, and it took you today.” I read a message posted on the Telegram channel for Russian fighter pilots.

“Kanamat died today! Popasna region, 8:25…. The first attack was NAR. [unguided air-to-surface missiles]Second – the bomb… stinger [missile] On the way out, there’s an explosion in the air… That’s it.” I read another message that was later deleted.

It wasn’t clear why Botashev went to war after retiring, but the BBC quoted a former subordinate saying he “just couldn’t be around”. He may also have been sent to Ukraine as part of a recruitment plan for the Russian Ministry of Defense and reportedly the Wagner group, a private military contractor linked to the Kremlin.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on the news of Botashev’s death.

If confirmed, it will be another setback for the ‘special operation’, which is engulfed in suspicion of a lowered morale, equipment failure, and war crimes.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian troops have been routinely caught blaming their leadership and lamenting losses by intercepting calls from loved ones at home.

Ukraine’s security service said Tuesday another call to show a soldier They complained that Ukrainian forces had wiped out one of the most advanced units in southern Russia.

“The 58th Army has nothing left. [of the southern military district]’ said the soldier.

“Valery Bakin served in the 58th Army. None of his squadrons are still alive. not one! They basically killed them all. squadron. “There are squadrons with only three or four people still alive,” he said.


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