Anthony Fantano talks about Drake Beef What happened between them?

Drake revealed his feud with music critic Anthony Fantano on Instagram on Friday, September 16. A critic, a famous YouTuber, posted an angry DM to Anthony Pantano on his Instagram story, in which he pretended to have received a veggie cookie recipe. Your existence is light.

Besides, because in some way he was married to a black girl. I feel light on a decent 1 for your presence. Anthony Fantano recently scored ‘Not Good’ out of 10 on Drake’s most recent album, Honest, Nevermind, in June. It’s unclear why the Canadian performer has now decided to pass his rebuke to Anthony Fantano. On Thursday, September 15th, Anthony Fantano released a video titled Drake Slid Into My DMs, describing herself as ‘the busiest music fanatic on the internet’. Anyway, Fantano got the chance to parody the message he received and shared a crafted DM showing Drake serving up a vegan cookie recipe to critics.

Drake and music critic Anthony Fantano explain the feud

Anthony Fantano, a YouTuber who calls himself ‘the biggest music fanatic on the internet’, has very little to say about rap superstar Drake. Anthony Fantano gave Drake’s most recent album, Honestly, Nevermind a ‘Not Good’ out of 10, in June, posting an album review for 2.63 million subscribers on TheNeedledrop channel. Recently, he even teased Drake by posting a parody video of him sending a direct message to Instagram. The parody became a reality on Thursday night when the rap sensation released a real DM to Anthony Fantano in an Instagram story. Drake mocks Fantano’s scoring system for album reviews, saying, ‘Your being is light 1. Also 1 is because you are alive.’ And made you a black girl and wife in one way or another. I feel light on a decent 1 for your presence.

It’s somewhat unusual to see a superstar come to the DM’s for critics. Especially since it doesn’t seem to work in favor of the critics. However, Fantano didn’t take his high road at that point, posting a screenshot on his Instagram. The music critic didn’t respond directly to Drake on Instagram, but he did a lot of talking about the rap star on Twitter and Instagram live streams. Basically what happened was that Drake was in his feelings for no apparent reason to me. That was all of him. It was a bit of a diss. Provocative little DM, very miserable and lamentable. In his live stream, he similarly defended his video, saying, “I’m literally giving my opinion on music.”

Fantano didn’t go on, but on Twitter: ‘That bitch has shared a salty ass DM to over 100 million individuals. He said he was ‘obsessed’ with Drake, and is proud to make the artist read like ‘many women of the past’. Fantano likewise saw Drake’s message as a substandard insult because he didn’t hire a scriptwriter. Champagne Drake doesn’t seem to have responded to Fantano’s recent outpouring of comments yet.

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