Anti-abortion activist charged with stalking abortion surgeon

An anti-abortion activist has been charged with stalking and harassing a doctor who enforced dismissal after putting a sticker “Your Neighborhood Lives a Killer” on the front door of the community and doctor’s house.

Aaron Jonathan Hurley, a Los Angeles resident and leader of the anti-option group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, is accused of stalking doctors and breaking into a San Francisco medical clinic where they work and destroying fake statues. blood.

Hurley was charged with felony stalking, obstruction of access to a clinic, two counts of vandalism, trespassing with intent to disrupt, and obstruction of business.

He appeared in court on Thursday, pleaded not guilty and was released on orders not to contact doctors.

Prosecutors said on March 13 that Mr. Hurley and others had vandalized and damaged the statue of the Virgin Mary and the baby at the San Francisco General Hospital Hospital.

The perpetrators were caught in surveillance video covering the statue with a sticker with the doctor’s name and fake blood.

They even left handwritten letters with the phrases ‘harvest’ and ‘sold for $500’ on the spot.

The next day, Hurley and the four others are charged with attempting to break into the hospital’s women’s clinic where the patient and medical staff were filmed, calling the doctor’s name, and then trying to break into the operating room.

Prosecutors said a woman masqueraded as someone who needed counseling so that the group could access a hospital while hiding nearby.

Prosecutors revealed that when the nurse went to talk to her, Mr. Hurley and her group rushed into the hospital, photographing patients and staff, and attempting to gain access to the operating room.

The group is said to have started calling doctors by name and shouting, “We know who you are and what you do.”

Doctors, other staff and patients at the clinic were “fearful about safety,” prosecutors said.

Sexual harassment allegations continued when a group including Mr. Hurley targeted the doctor’s home address.

They left permanent stickers on their neighbor’s house and on the doctor’s porch: “Your Neighbor Lives a Killer”.

Group claiming to have put this sticker on the doctor’s front door

(San Francisco District Attorney’s Office)

Additionally, flyers with QR codes from websites that revealed the doctor’s name and made false claims about abortion were distributed to the doctor’s neighborhood.

DA Chesa Boudin said the alleged harassment made doctors fear their safety.

“Given the fact that the doctor was targeting both home and work, the doctor was afraid for the safety of himself and his family,” the DA said in a statement.

“Doctors have had to change all personal routines and work routes out of fear for their safety.”

The case comes as abortion rights are under attack in the United States, while the landmark Roe v Wade ruling is balancing out.

Earlier this month, a draft majority opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court leaked out that the U.S. Supreme Court had decided to overturn a ruling that granted Americans the constitutional right to abortion.

About half of all US states are expected to ban abortion outright as soon as Roe is overthrown, and several Republican governors have already restricted access to women in those states.

This week, Oklahoma passed a law banning all abortions at all stages of pregnancy except rape or incest if reported to law enforcement.

While red states support women’s health care and abortion rights, some Democratic leaders are introducing measures to protect access to abortion in the state if Roe is overthrown.

In California, where Hurley allegedly molested doctors, abortion rights are included in state law, and Governor Gavin Newsom has promised more opportunities for people seeking treatment in other states.

Hurley is due to appear in court next June 13.

His alleged accomplice, Kristen Turner, was also cited and released.

Meanwhile, a third suspect, Lauren Brice Handy, has been issued an arrest warrant.

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