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BIDEN-ASIA — President Joe Biden is dedicated Saturday to solidifying his relationship with South Korea’s new leader, Yoon Seok-yeol. on this matter. Written by Aamer Madhani and Josh Boak. Transmission: 980 words, pictures, videos. Scheduled: Updated throughout the morning 6:15 am State Dinner

Russia-Ukraine-War – The biggest victory in the war against Ukraine, Russia claims to have captured Mariupol after nearly three months of siege. fear of civilian deaths. Elena Becatoros, Oleksandr Stashevskyi and Ciaran McQuillan. Transmission: 1,160 words, pictures, videos. Russia-Ukraine-War-Latest.

Russia-Ukraine-War-Adoption — The ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been devastating for families of all kinds, including those that have seen future adoptions put on hold. Ukraine was once one of America’s most frequent partners when it comes to international adoption, but the war changed all that. Ukraine has halted all international adoptions in response to disruptions to courts and social services. By Patrick Whittle. SENT: 850 words, pictures.

Election 2022 – GEORGIA-WALKER — Herschel Walker, a football legend and Georgia’s leading Republican Senate nominee, is proud to help military and veterans often struggle with mental health. However, corporate documents, court records, and Senate disclosures reviewed by the Associated Press show a portrait of a famous spokesperson who exaggerated his role in a for-profit program suspected of looting veterans and military personnel while deceiving the government. Written by Brian Slodisco. Transmission: 1,190 words, pictures.

VIRUS-OUTBREAK-NORTH-KOREA — North Korea is killing nearly 220,000 people with fever, despite North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claiming that progress is being made in slowing the spread of undiagnosed COVID-19 to an unvaccinated 26 million people. He said he had found more. Written by Donghyung Kim. Transmission: 990 words, pictures.


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BIDEN-ASIA-UKRAINE AID — A $40 billion aid package for Ukraine to stop Russian aggression will board a commercial flight to South Korea for President Joe Biden to sign. SENT: 360 words, pictures.

RUSSIA-UKRAINE-WAR-A WEEK-PHOTO GALLERY — Life shattered and recovery from the Ukrainian War. SENT: 320 words, pictures.


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BUFFALO-SUPERMARKET-SHOOTING — The 32-year-old woman, the youngest of 10 black people murdered at the Buffalo supermarket, was remembered for her broad-minded, quick-witted laugh before the funeral. SENT: 200 words, pictures.

BABY-FORMULA-SHORTAGE — The first flight of infant formula from Europe, approved by President Joe Biden to address the growing food shortage in the United States, will arrive in Indiana this weekend by military plane, the White House announced . SENT: 250 words, pictures.

CONDOMINIUM COLLAPSE-FLORIDA — A billionaire developer in Dubai is set to buy the property of a South Florida condominium that collapsed in June and killed 98 for $120 million after not submitting by next week’s auction deadline Friday evening. . SENT: 250 words, pictures.

AMERICAN IDOL-CONTESTANT CRASH — A South Carolina judge has placed bail on former “American Idol” contestant Caleb Kennedy, who is accused of colliding and killing a man with a pickup truck. From: 270 words.

MICHAEL AVENATTI-STORMY DANIELS — Convicted California attorney Michael Avenatti wants a lenient sentence on charges of defrauding former customer Stormy Daniels. His lawyer, citing a letter he wrote to the porn star, said he was truly sorry. SENT: 500 words, pictures.

OBIT-ANGELL — Longtime New Yorker writer and editor Roger Angell has died. He was 101 years old. The son of founder New Yorker editor Katharine White and the stepson of EB White, Angell has contributed hundreds of essays and stories to the magazine over 70 years. SENT: 450 words, pictures.

AIMEE OSBOURNE-STUDIO FIRE — Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Aimee and her producer escaped from a Hollywood recording studio fire that killed another. SENT: 220 words, pictures.




2022 Election-Members-Redivision-Women — Retaining seats is a new challenge for some incumbent women running for re-election in the House of Representatives. Redistricting will make it harder for some of those congressional districts to win. By Sarah Burnett. Sent: 1,040 words, photos.

BIDEN-AMERICAS SUMMIT — The Americas Summit is a little over two weeks away from Los Angeles, and there is no clear answer as to which country to go to. Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador has threatened to boycott Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua unless Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are included. Chris Mezzerian and Matthew Lee. SENT: 840 words, pictures.

Federal Penitentiary Director – The former director of Ohio’s prison system has emerged as a major competitor to run federal prisons in crisis. Gary Mohr, who has also worked in the private prison industry, is at the top of the list of candidates to replace prison director Michael Carvajal. Written by Michael Balsamo and Michael R. Sisak. From: 870 words, pictures.

PANAMA-JILL-BIDEN — US First Lady Jill Biden arrived in Panama on Friday, the second of three trips to Latin America before the US hosts the Americas summit in Los Angeles next month. SENT: 280 words, pictures.

YELLEN-TAX PLAN — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen celebrated last summer that more than 100 countries have agreed to a global minimum tax deal to reform and equalize the global economy. When she met G7 finance ministers in Germany this week, Yellen argued that her prospects for pushing the idea were “not hopeless.” By Fatima Hussein. SENT: 900 words, pictures.

VIRGINIA THOMAS-ELECTION — According to newly discovered emails, Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Virginia “Ginni” Thomas was more deeply involved in the unfounded effort to overturn the 2020 elections than previously known. From: 770 words, pictures.




CALIFORNIA-SHACKLED-CHILDREN — In 2018, several adult children of 13 siblings released from virtual incarceration at their abusive parents’ Southern California home were pressured by county guardians to move to a broken apartment infested with crime a year later. Local, court documents showed. SENT: 650 words, pictures.

Abortion-Oklahoma-Exception — With Oklahoma days away from enacting the nation’s strongest abortion ban, providers are preparing to end abortions. Meanwhile, questions swirled about how the limited exceptions to the law would be enforced. Transmission: 980 words, pictures, videos.

Tornado – Michigan — On Friday, a rare northern Michigan tornado struck a small community, overturning vehicles, torn roofs of buildings and toppling trees and power lines, killing at least one and injuring more than 40. Transmission: 810 words, pictures, videos.

PELOSI-CATHOLIC-ARCHBISHOP — The conservative Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco says US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who supports abortion rights, will no longer allow receiving communion. SENT: 400 words, pictures.




AUSTRALIA-POLITICS — A polling station has been opened to Australian voters to decide whether Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s conservative government will rule for a fourth three-year term. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s centre-left Labor party is likely to win its first election since 2007. But Morrison leads his coalition to a narrow victory in a 2019 poll. Sent: 880 words, pictures.

Israel – Palestine – The Palestinian Ministry of Health and local media say they were killed in a clash after Israeli forces entered an unstable village on the west bank of the Jordan River that had occupied a teenage Palestinian boy. Sent: 210 words, pictures.

UN-NATIONS-MIGRANTS-DECLARATION — More than 100 countries endorse a declaration calling on governments to step up efforts for safe and orderly immigration, crack down on trafficking and trafficking, respect migrants, and access health care and other services I did. Sent: 790 words.

PERU-REMAINS RETURNED — The city of Accomarca, one of the worst genocide of the Peruvian civil war in the last decades of the 20th century, is closing a chapter that has been open for more than 35 years. SENT: 650 words, pictures.




BOEING-CREW-CAPSULE — Boeing’s astronaut capsule, aboard only a test dummy, was first parked up and parked on the International Space Station on Friday. This was a huge achievement for the company after years of bad start. With the arrival of the Starliner, NASA finally realizes the long-standing effort of flying a competing American company’s crew capsule to the space station. Aerospace author Marcia Dunn sent: 620 words, photos, videos.




France-Cannes-Armageddon-Time — James Gray’s autobiographical adult film “Time to Armageddon,” starring Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong, sparked the biggest buzz at the Cannes Film Festival in an American film not starring Tom Cruise. . Gray’s rich, detailed films are as personal as they are political, and often deal with both at the same time. The New York-based writer and director draws his childhood days in Queens in the 1980s into “Time of Armageddon.” Film writer Jake Coyle. From: 1,100 words, pictures.




BKN–MAVERICKS-WARRIORS — Stephen Curry rallied with 32 points, 63 points, and 8 rebounds, Kevon Looney with a career high 21 points and 12 rebounds, and the Golden State Warriors using one of the flurries in the third quarter. They beat the Dallas Mavericks 126-117 to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals. By Janie Macaulay. From: 870 words, pictures.

GLF–PGA LOOKAHEAD — The PGA Championship is not the British Open. But it sounded like the Southern Hills. It’s all because of the wind and the players getting help who’s on the right side of the draw. Will Zalatoris didn’t face the wind in the last two hours and hit 65 to build a one-shot lead. Golf writer Doug Ferguson. Scheduled: 770 words, photos. GLF—with the PGA Championship; GLF–PGA-Cut; GLF-PGA notebook; GLF – PGA Glance (transmitted).


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