AP Source: Biden Signs Security Executive Order

President Joe Biden plans to sign an executive order on police on Wednesday, the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

The order would require federal law enforcement agencies to review and amend policies regarding the use of force and limit the flow of surplus military equipment to local police forces. Additionally, the order would encourage restraints on snags and knock warrants by adding lanyards to federal funds.

Those who described the order spoke on condition of anonymity prior to public announcement. Former Vice President Biden is expected to sign the order along with Floyd’s relatives who were killed by Minneapolis police and sparked nationwide protests.

The order reflects a less extensive approach than Biden originally wanted because Congress could not agree on a bill that would increase oversight of law enforcement. This is the result of months of negotiations between White House officials, civil rights groups and police organizations.

The administration began taking administrative action last year after bipartisan discussions to pass a police reform bill in Congress stopped.

“We are well aware that executive orders cannot address the security crisis in the United States in the same way Congress can, but we must do everything we can,” NAACP President Derek Johnson said in a statement.


Associated Press reporter Chris Megerian contributed to this report.

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