Apple says it is testing the transition to USB-C for future iPhones.

Not surprising and not necessarily new bullshit, but one of the most credible Apple news scooters said that Apple is actually serious enough about the potential switch from Lightning to USB-C, at least on future iPhones. Tested with models equipped with the latter connector.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said Apple is testing iPhone prototypes with USB-C ports. Adapters are also being developed in recent months to allow iPhones with more ubiquitous connectors to work with accessories designed with Lightning in mind.

Don’t throw that Lightning cable in the trash just yet. According to Gurman’s report, the earliest this could happen is in 2023, as the design of the current new iPhone, which is expected to launch in fall 2022, has Lightning as well as its predecessor.

As Bloomberg points out, a big driver for considering this change could be the EU ruling in April, which approved a requirement for consumer electronics companies to adopt USB-C as a common wired connectivity standard. Apple could theoretically address the need in other ways, but standardizing USB-C as the connector of choice on all devices will win the customer satisfaction department, especially after transitioning to use by other mobile devices such as: The latest iPad and iPad Pro tablets.

Retiring Lightning would otherwise be a headache for both Apple and consumers. Apple will lose licensing fees and parts supply revenue to third parties seeking official “MFI” status for iPhone accessories, meaning iPhone users. You will need to replace your existing Lightning accessory or go with the rumored adapter. Also, AirPods still depend on Lightning for the time being, so they can’t make the transition to a full USB-C lifestyle.

USB-C is also one of the most confusing connector technologies in terms of the different types of cables that are terminated. For example, older USB-C cables can exclusively provide power transfer and provide very low power for booting. But with the latest cables and devices it’s a bit easier to analyze the situation, so it’s likely that at least people will streamline their chargers and cable mixes.

Selfishly, I wish Apple would do this. Because I’m obsessed with figuring out how many cables and chargers I need when I travel. However, as with all reports detailing work at this stage of development, there is always a possibility that Apple will abandon this development direction and re-use Lightning after 2023.

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