Apple Sends Invitations to WWDC 2022 ‘Special All-Day Experience’ Directly

Unlike the last two developer meetings, Apple has decided to include a face-to-face event at WWDC 2022 and send out invitations to a lucky few.

like 9To5Mac Report(Opens in a new window), developers can apply to participate in the event between May 9-11, and successful applicants will be notified late yesterday. WWDC will remain largely virtual, referring to the June 6 meeting at Apple Park as a “special all-day experience” for the developer community.

Anyone invited can watch the WWDC keynote and Platform State of the Union on Apple campuses alongside Apple engineers and designers. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour Apple’s new Developer Center. Beyond that, events with virtual sessions, labs and lounges very similar to last year bring the wider community together.

that much Invitation has been shared(Opens in a new window) Twitter user Ashwin (@mixtapesareback). Confirms that Apple is giving selected persons to attend time to check availability by May 18th. After that, the invitation is given to others. The invitation also states that transfers are not permitted and therefore Apple may accept, proceed, or decline to select an alternate developer.

WWDC is all about developers working on the Apple platform, so I’m not expecting any new product announcements, but there will be plenty of discussions on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. But don’t be surprised if Apple also provides some new information about the upcoming M2 processor.

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