Apple WWDC 2022 looks like it will eventually come face to face.

So some lucky Apple developers will see some sort of WWDC 2022 firsthand.

This week, a limited number of registrations began, allowing developers from around the world to attend an in-person event at Apple Park, California, on June 6, to watch a pre-recorded keynote with other Apple engineers and staff. Due to Covid safety protocols, the number of attendees is limited and selection from the pool of candidates is completely random. nine to five mac.

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Depending on the apologize: “To kick off WWDC22, we’re offering a special all-day experience at Apple Park on June 6th. Join others in the developer community to watch keynotes and Platform State of the Union videos with Apple engineers and experts and see everything. Take a look – looking forward to direct links to the new developer center and many more features.

“This celebration marks the start of an inspiring week of sessions, labs and lounges. It’s all done online with more activity than ever before.”

Analysis: Arrival…

We’re pretty sure Apple is hoping to host WWDC 2022 entirely in person, but given that we’re still dealing with a pandemic, it’s understandably delayed.
Especially in the United States, where the total number of Covid-19 deaths this month has crossed one million.

Face-to-face events are starting to show signs of nearing the summit, although it may not be possible to fully return to the carefree pre-epidemic days of 100,000 people packed into relatively small convention centers.

But we are getting there. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but we’re getting there nonetheless.

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