Apple’s latest study finds iOS app economy supports 2.2 million U.S. jobs

like App store bills targeting tech giants Apple and Google move forward Apple today in Congress two new reports It’s meant to show how successful the app economy is under governance. The company has commissioned an outside company to generate analytics related to job growth and earnings in the iOS developer community. The study found that the iOS app economy currently supports more than 2.2 million jobs in the US, and US small developer income has grown by 118% over the past two years.

Apple tapped Analysis Group again for one report. This is the same company we use to generate our reports to back up our position on fee structures or highlight the growing volume of commerce happening through our apps. For example, last year, that figure increased 24% to $643 billion, and Apple says about 90% of these billings and sales are commission-free.

The bigger point Apple is trying to make with each new report is that Apple’s current system is working well. Fees are comparable to competing app stores and other software markets. And ultimately, Apple’s app store business is good for the economy. However, the underlying tone is also a warning to potential regulators. Be careful what you’re screwing. Today’s report is more similar.

In a study supported by the Analysis Group, Apple found that in 2019, revenue growth for small developers on the App Store increased 113% over the past two years, more than doubling revenue growth for large developers. In the US, small developers have increased their earnings by 118% since 2019. These small developers are people who make up to $1 million a year and get less than a million downloads a year, Apple said.

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It is interesting to note that Apple separates small developers by the two revenues. And The number of downloads, given that its own App Store Small Business Program, launched on January 1, 2021, only uses a $1 million threshold to lower fees for small developers from 30% to 15%. a specific number of downloads not used as threshold for that program. If Apple continues to chart the same growth indicators over the next few years, direct comparisons between these numbers and the Small Business Program will be impossible.

The report also looked at the number of new developers joining the app store ecosystem in 2021, with around 24% coming from Europe, 23%, China, 14%, Japan 4.3%, and other regions including South Korea 34%. , India and Brazil. The number of small developers has also increased over the past two years. In the UK, it has increased by almost 40% since 2019 and in Germany by more than 25%.

Apple believes this data can help run the App Store successfully, but these numbers underscore how important the App Store is to a wide range of global developers. This could also help explain why this large and powerful system could be driven by more regulation and competition.

It is currently in progress. Big Tech reforms affecting Apple are being implemented in the EU through the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is expected to come into force this spring as Congress pushes its own app store legislation in the US. DMA will bring a set of upfront obligations for so-called internet gatekeepers, which will likely apply to large app store operators. An interim report from the UK competition regulator in December showed that both Apple and Google could face intervention in app store controls if the government legislated a planned pre-emptive mechanism to regulate tech giants. To address the firm market dominance. The European Union recently agreed to a pre-reboot to fight Big Tech.

Apple recently go for it I am particularly strict against one of the DMA requirements to give consumers the ability to install apps outside of the app store. Apple has been arguing strongly that allowing sideloading would make the iPhone less secure and less secure for end users. In the US, Apple has been embroiled in a lawsuit against Fortnite maker Epic Games. Game makers want to allow users to install apps without paying Apple a fee. own payment. The suit is on appeal.

According to today’s report, in fact, some of the largest developers the size of Epic attribute their mobile success to Apple’s App Store.

This study shows the growth of developers who will earn more than $1 million on the App Store in 2021. 45% of today’s large developers either weren’t on the App Store five years ago or made less than $10,000 in income.

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Accessing new App Store data is always exciting, but Apple’s latest research shows just how powerful the App Store has become over the years. It’s an ecosystem responsible for billions of dollars in commerce, fueling job growth, and where Apple’s decisions about revenue-sharing agreements and developer policies can affect multi-million-dollar businesses.

Apple closed the report by stating that the App Store itself has now grown to 1.8 million apps. Over 600 million people visit our stores every week, and Apple has over 30 million registered developers.

report comes ahead Apple’s Annual Developer ConferenceWWDC runs from June 6th to 10th.

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