Archbishop of Ukraine: Russian war ‘unjudacious’ after World War II

ROME — Ukraine’s Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk said on Sunday that “no city is safe and quiet” across Ukraine due to widespread Russian shelling.

Archbishop Shevchuk said, “The Ukrainian people have been through a heroic struggle for 88 days against the Russian aggressors who are killing our people, burning our cities and towns, and waging an all-out aggressive war against our people and our country.” said in the video address.

The battle’s front lines stretch 3,000 kilometers from north to south and with about 500,000 fighters on both sides, the scale of the war is “unparalleled in the modern world since the end of World War II,” the archbishop said.

Shevchuk said the enemy “is carrying out aggressive offensive and combat operations, especially in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” and “continues to open fire in peaceful areas north of our state, even on the other side of the mainland.” Ukraine-Russia border.”

“There is no safe and quiet city or place in all of Ukraine,” he said, because of the aggressive Russian shelling.

“But Ukraine stands. Ukraine is fighting. Ukraine is praying. “Ukraine is conquering,” he said.

The archbishop said Ukraine was also “testing the truth”. “Before God, before her brothers and sisters in Ukraine, as well as testify to the world the truth that Ukraine is worth living and dying.”

He lamented that in the war with Ukraine, “Russia uses all the power of its ideological machine.” “It not only sends them to commit murder in Ukraine, but it destroys the hearts of men and the souls of their own people by projecting evil on the whole world.”

This ideology, which is part of the military aggression, “is known in the world today as the ideology of the ‘Russian world’,” he said. It “justifies evil” and attempts to dress “criminal activities of the Russian army in Ukraine” in Christian garb.

He said, “It is very regrettable that even Christian leaders not only create such an ideology to instigate evil, but also try to turn that evil into a kind of church sermon.” A veiled reference to the Moscow Patriarch Kirill.

“Today we must all fight evil together,” Shevchuk said. “We must realize that those who preach hate, incite murder and justify war in Ukraine are responsible for the crime.”

“Today, anyone who justifies war and promotes crime becomes a murderer just like someone who directly kills civilians in Ukraine,” he added.

“O God, bless Ukraine! God bless the Ukrainian Army for protecting the lives and health of Ukrainians!” he prayed “O God, bless the Ukrainian army for protecting Europe and the world with their bodies from the ideology of the ‘Russian World’ and from everything that destroys the souls and hearts of people around the world!”

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