Are Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky Dating As Fans Confused About TikTok Video?

Rumors that Benny Blanco is dating Lil Dicky are once again circulating all over social media. But this time the speculation comes after Blanco’s latest TikTok video.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Benny Blanco’s TikTok clip is going viral.

Benny Blanco shared a clip on her TikTok handle this weekend with an overlay message saying, “I wish I could see the 12-year-old I’m dating now.”

Next came the most images of himself as a child. The clip then displays a photo of the musician with Lil Dicky.

The photo was clicked off the Dave series’ premiere red carpet and shows Benny hugging Lil Dicky from behind. Both singers are smiling brightly at the camera.

Blanco further ignited the flames by describing the post with the caption ‘Oh Chuck’.

Still, TikTok users were confused as they tried to make sure that Blanco and Lil Dicky were actually looking at each other.

Exploring the relationship between Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky

Rumors of a relationship between Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky started after they appeared on an episode of Dave on FXX last year.

In the third episode of season 2, the characters of both musicians seem to be having a good time.

Nevertheless, the ‘bromance’ of the two people must have been too daunting for fans to handle as they tied the two together in a love line in real life.

Soon, rumors began circulating on the Internet that Blanco and Lil Dicky were gay.

But despite the on-screen chemistry, nothing happens between the musicians off-screen as they are heterosexual.

The private lives of Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky are kept secret.

Both Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky were surprisingly quiet when asked about their personal lives.

Also, neither of them had ever been in a relationship with another star (other than each other) in the past.

But Lil Dicky may have made a song about seeing his ex girlfriend marry someone else.

Benny Blanco

According to Capital Xtra, Lil Dicky’s 2015 track Molly was inspired by his ‘real ex-girlfriend’.

Meanwhile, Blanco and Lil Dicky are gearing up for a comeback with the third season of FXX Dave.

The series debuted on the Fx Network on March 4, 2020, and a sequel was released a year later, on June 16, 2021.

Bud (Lil Dicky) appears as a character who aims for the greatness of rap.



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