Are Iker Casillas and Shakira dating each other? everything you need to know

Spanish legend Iker Casillas has dismissed claims that he is dating pop icon Shakira. The footballer went to his Instagram account and said he took all such claims lightly and that he is not dating the ex of his longtime colleague Gerard Pique. Iker Casillas recently separated from the ex-wife of Spanish sports journalist Sara Carbonero and they have two children. Speculation abounds about Iker Casillas and Shakira after the goalkeeper started following Shakira on Instagram.

The artist of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ broke up with partner Gerard Pique in June after dating for 12 years. As the photo progresses from his Instagram story, the official national claim settles the remnant with a few screenshots of the article hinting at his new relationship, and an emoji implying that he has no clue as to what premise these claims were built on. finished with . It’s written ‘Tocate las narices’, which means ‘Touch your nose’ in Spanish, another emoji with the expression “OMG” in an angry reaction to a supposed relationship report.

Is Iker Casillas Dating Pop Icon Shakira?

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas has denied dating rumors after breaking up with pop star Shakira and longtime Spanish teammate Gerard Pique. Gerard Pique and Grammy Award-winning vocalist Shakira reported their breakup in June after a 12-year relationship, although she has two children, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, but never married. Iker C asillas again separated from sports journalist Sara Carbonero, with whom he was married for a long time and had two children. A bit of gossip about the relationship between legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas and former Barcelona star Shakira started when the two started following each other on Instagram. In any case, the 41-year-old Spaniard vehemently denied these reports, sharing on Instagram a screenshot of an article suggesting she was with a Colombian artist.

The Spaniard ended the story with a post called Touch Your Nose. Oh my goodness [Oh My God]. Gerard Pique and Shakira met while recording the music video for the 2010 World Cup song Waka (This Time for Africa). The 45-year-old vocalist performed the song in South Africa in the final match between the legendary centre-back and Iker Casillas, who played for Spain and beat the Netherlands 1-0. The night I saw Iker Casillas announce to the world that he was dating Sara Carbonero was also unintentionally the same as the previous couple engaged in romantic moments on live TV after the match. Both Iker Casillas and Gerald Pique were part of Spain’s latest golden generation, winning consecutive Euros in 2008 and 2012 and their first ever World Cup in 2010.

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