Are Kanye West and Irina Shayk dating again? Seductive moments from London Fashion Week

Kanye West and ex-Irina Shayk laughed at the Burberry Show during London Style Week. According to a video shared by Vogue on Monday, the Yeezy pioneer, 45, hugged Irina Shayk, 36, as he greeted several models behind the scenes. All right! She laughed before the rapper continued the conversation with Bella Hadid, Stella Maxwell, Erykah Badu and creative director Riccardo Tisci. All ready for the show, Irina Shayk wore a black, velvet and off-the-shoulder black dress and mesh gloves. Rapper Donda, who later moved on with Candice Swanepoel, wore an all-black ensemble of a leather jacket, matching leather pants, a hoodie and jeweled slippers.

Kanye West later showed love when Irina Shayk posted an Instagram video of the model walking down the runway. This brief meeting was one of the first things Kanye West and ex-Irina Shayk saw together since they departed in different directions in July 2021. Rumors of their romance started circulating in June of that year. It was spotted in Provence, France to celebrate Kanye West’s 44th birthday. Things flared up immediately two months later when a model sharing a five-year-old girl with Bradley Cooper concluded that the two would be better off as friends.

Vogue Magazine/Instagram

Kanye West and ex Irina Shayk shared a flirt moment at London Fashion Week.

Almost a year after Kanye West and ex-Irina Shayk commented on their brief relationship, there appears to be no malice between the pair. Behind the scenes on the Burberry Spring 2023 runway, a video circulated the web of the two in an animated discussion. Kanye West looks back before cuddling the model’s waist for a hug. ‘okay!’ She giggled as the rapper went to welcome other celebrities. From a couple of months of dating, this is the closest we’ve got for a PDA. Kanye West and former Irina Shayk were spotted sitting side-by-side on the dance floor at an after-party soiree for The Twenty Two’s fashion house.

As for Kanye West and ex-Irina Shayk, the meeting comes after the US-based model recently sparked rumors of a reconciliation with her ex Bradley Cooper (again). The co-parenting couple was spotted on Instagram traveling through the Bahamas with their 5-year-old girl, Leah. Kanye West received unexpected hospitality at a Burberry event. Before the end of last week, the rapper and designer appeared on Great Morning American to apologize to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for the stress I had caused.

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