Are Megan Fox and Mgk still together in 2022? Why do fans think they broke up?

Megan Fox, one of the most surprising couples, and one of MGK are making headlines on social media as netizens think they’re breaking up in 2022. Although this couple’s romance isn’t common to be seen in public. However, there are plenty of photos of the couple that ignited the couple’s breakup. So did they really go their way?

Read ahead to learn more about the netizens who believe Megan Fox and MGK broke up in 2022.

Megan Fox and MGK in 2022

After Pete and Kim broke up, news is circulating on the Internet that something similar may have happened to MGK and Megan Fox. But we need strong reasons to believe it. It was only after Gawker’s celebrity gossip article that rumors of Megan and MGK’s disbanding began.

According to the story, Megan Fox’s Instagram had no clue about MGK. It’s been happening for several weeks. Therefore, rumors of their breakup circulated on the Internet here and there. But that could be another reason MGK joined his tour. So he’s missing from Megan’s Instagram.

Rumors about MGK and Megan Fox

This isn’t the first time Megan and MGK have been rumored to be breaking up. As with the previous red carpet appearance, as the couple entered, MGK leaned over and kissed Megan. But Megan just went away. The post fans undoubtedly noticed it quickly.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

After that, rumors circulated that the two broke up. Meanwhile, netizens are showing a firm reaction to the breakup rumor. Because neither Megan nor MGK confirmed their breakup. But the duo fans have been trying to see if that could be true.

Netizens react to rumors that MGK and Megan Fox will break up in 2022

Netizens couldn’t hide their delight to see Megan and MGK’s breakup rumors shaking the internet again. Rumors of a breakup have been circulating for no particular reason in a long time. Some on the Internet believed the rumors. Some of them had a strong reaction to it.

One of the users said they wouldn’t believe the rumors unless they had strong reasons to back it up. Some have accused the couple of false claims.

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