Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson dating? ‘Harry Potter’ stars fell in love with each other.

Tom Felton has always said he has a secret love for Emma Watson. The Harry Potter star, who played the villain Draco Malfoy, said in his memoir ‘Beyond Beyond the Wand: Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up Wizard’ that the two met each other. I wrote that I fell in love with him. At one point, nothing happened because the unrequited love happened at a different time. The British entertainer, 35, recalled hearing on her set from her hair stylist that Emma Watson was deeply interested in her. She’s 12, I’m 15, and Tom Felton wrote the song. I had a girlfriend, and it was tailored to make excuses for those kinds of stories anyway. I dismissed it. I don’t think I’ve truly accepted [it], actually. Tom Felton poignantly composes that her experience of growing up with Emma Watson on her Harry Potter set is one of the reasons he ranks her so highly.

She was only nine years old when she first started playing the clever Hermoine Granger. She had never been to a movie set, he points out, and she was the only girl among the major children’s entertainers. She was surrounded by ‘boy humor’. Meaningless common sense jokes and pre-pubertal girlish… it couldn’t be simple… She was treated like a grown-up in many ways from the day she was cast. It’s a more difficult phenomenon for girls than for boys, he explained. They are being sexually objectified unfairly in the media and some are. They are determined by their appearance, raising eyebrows that wouldn’t happen if a little confidence came from a person. Tom Felton recalls that while filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, rumors began swirling that the two were true. I denied that I liked her and he composed it, but her situation was different. His girlfriend at the time questioned Tom Felton about her affection for Emma Watson.

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Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson dating?

No, Tom Felton and Emma Watson are not dating. Recently, Emma Watson was spotted walking in Venice, Italy, holding hands with Brandon Green, son of fashion director Sir Philip Green. The photo is believed to confirm the gossip that Emma Watson and Brandon Green are looking at each other. In the photo, Emma Watson is wearing a black scandal in a red and white sundress. The man she believed to be her lover wore a navy blue shirt over sky blue trousers and all blue clothes.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson
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It is said that the two were on a journey of their hearts across the city on a boat together. A source told the Daily Mail that Brandon Green is courting a celebrity. Meanwhile, while single, Tom Felton is known to have dated stunt assistant Jade Olivia Gordon from April 2008 to mid-2016. When Jade Olivia Gordon first met she was a stunt assistant on the set of the Harry Potter movie series. She likewise played his other important Astoria Greengrass in ‘Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows: Part 2’ in the movie’s final After 19 years scene. The two dated from April 2008 to mid-2016, and broke up for private reasons. Starting around 2022, they will no longer follow each other through social media platforms.

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