Ariana Grande’s stalker has been arrested on charges of breaking into her home on her 29th birthday.

Ariana Grande’s longtime stalker is back in prison after breaking into an artist’s home on her 29th birthday.

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Ariana Grande’s stalker broke into her house again.

Ariana Grande recently turned 29 on Sunday, June 26th. Her artist is known to have celebrated her own birthday at an intimate gathering with her friends and her family.

But despite a restraining order, the day was horrendous when a stalker broke into Grande’s home in Montecito, California.

TMZ reported that a man named Aharon Brown broke into the musician’s estate while she was away.

TMZ reported that Aharon Brown was once again arrested on Sunday for breaking into the singer’s home while she was away.

Sources claim that police arrived at Grande’s home and arrested Brown immediately after the security alarm system was activated.

He was charged with stalking, theft, breaking a power line, violating a court order, and obstructing business. He pleads not guilty of all of the aforementioned charges and is currently in police custody.

Ariana Grande Stalking Records by Aharon Brown

This isn’t the first time Aharon Brown has been found stalking a pop star. He showed up at her Los Angeles home in September last year.

The man also swung a large hunting knife at her guard, shouting ‘I will kill you and her’.

Fortunately, LA police arrived at the scene before the incident escalated. He was arrested and detained. Brown was charged with a felony.

Shortly after the Thank U case, the Next hitmaker asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to issue an injunction against Brown.

LAPD Grande and her tour manager claim Brown has been visiting her home since mid-February.

@Los Angeles County Courthouse

“I’m afraid that Mr. Brown has been coming to my house regularly for over six months,” the singer said in a statement.

“Based on his threats, I’m afraid for the safety of me and my family,” she added.

‘I’m afraid Mr. Brown will continue to come to my house and try to physically harm or kill me and my family unless there is an injunction,’ said Starr.

The shooter’s latest break-in came days before he was scheduled to appear on Tuesday. He is also accused of violating a restraining order that the singer placed against him last year.

Hopefully, the courts will take stringent action against Brown before anyone gets seriously injured.



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