Arisara Karbdecho Causes of Death: What Happened to Her?

Arisara Karbdecho, 27, got food stuck in her throat while chewing pork kebabs and sticky rice. In March, Cavdecho ate Thai food and was rushed to the hospital to receive life support. The Instagram celebrity died almost three months after she choked on food and fell into a coma. Arisara Karbdecho Causes of Death: What Happened to Her?

Arisara Karbdecho Cause of Death

In July, the Arisara Karbdecho family announced that she had “died peacefully” after doctors said there was “no more hope” for her recovery. Karbdecho’s death has sparked social media debate about the dangers of eating street food. Some users even accuse her of not being careful enough when eating.

Eating street food can be dangerous because it is often not prepared in clean or hygienic conditions. There have been several cases of sickness and death from eating contaminated street food. In 2015, two British tourists died from eating pork infected with the parasite Trichinella.

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What happened to her?

But her brain wasn’t getting too much oxygen, and doctors said they had to get to her nine minutes earlier to save her. Condolences to the ‘beautiful’ young woman best known as ‘Alicebambam’ online poured in after her family confirmed her death on 6 June.

“We are devastated and shocked by the news,” Sun quoted a resident. “Everyone was praying for her to get better after her accident,” she added. ‘My friend Sirikanda Chaiburut said she was ‘broken’ and ‘shocked’,” reports The Sun.’ She was such a lovely little girl. I know she is gone forever. Her mother said she was usually very busy with her work and her social life and ate her meals quickly.

“I want to remind all teenagers to take care of their health, eat on time and get enough rest,” she said. ‘If I had been with her, this tragedy would never have happened. I hope it doesn’t happen to you either.’ Loved ones will say farewell to Arisara’s funeral on June 11th.

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