ASAP Rocky Mosh Pit Meme: The Rapper Says “That’s Not Funny”

ASAP Rocky pierced the internet recently when videos of him escaping a wild mosh pit from Rolling Loud New York in 2022 surfaced online. The Harlem, NY rapper has since provided an explanation for the mosh pit meme. On Sunday, September 25, the Instagram blog expressed X-rated content by sharing a meme joking about A$AP Rocky’s face in the now well-known mosh pit video. They composed ‘When She Keeps Sucking’ over the photo. Rapper A$AP Rocky didn’t think the joke was that funny. Breaking his silence in the episode, he posted ‘that shit is no fun, gun lil bih was squeezing my nutz b’s life.

A video of ASAP Rocky in serious trouble after jumping from stage to crowd during a performance at Rolling Loud New York on September 24, 2022, roared the web with laughter. In the frenzy clip, A$AP Rocky struggles to escape, overwhelmed by a sea of ​​concert goers. There are signs of discomfort everywhere. Lift me up.’ A$AP Rocky hollers. get him out You hear someone yelling. After the video went viral, A$AP Rocky became a joke on the internet, and The Creator even trolled A$AP Mob members by replacing his Instagram avatar with a picture of A$AP Rocky panicking.

Rapper ASAP Rocky Mosh Pit Meme, Viral

A$AP Rocky issued an apology statement at Rolling Loud 2022 for having his set suspended. A$AP Rocky took full responsibility for the way things happened. In a lengthy statement on Twitter, he said he was ‘very hurt’ as he didn’t have the option to deliver a performance he had arranged, which would be a ‘decisive moment’ on the live show. His show was originally scheduled to start at 9pm, but has been postponed to ‘Awesome 45 Minutes’, reports TMZ. Although A$AP Rocky’s performance faced hiccups, Rihanna’s attendance at the live event became one of the night’s biggest features. As always, she looked alluring in a gray mini dress and thigh-high boots. The two started dating around 2020 and had a son in May of this year.

Fans have taken to Twitter to respond to the unsuccessful mosh pit video. The rapper mentioned in his statement that his rolling loud show was a very important second show in his career, but tragically things unfolded in surprising ways. In fact, he had a similar experience with the crowd when he put on the Thanksgiving Eve show in Brooklyn in 2019. A viral mosh pit meme video that has garnered a huge response on Twitter sees A$AP Rocky trying to get up from an apparently dizzy mosh pit. Behind the scenes, you hear someone shouting ‘Get him out’ multiple times as the rapper tries to remain on his feet while being caught by the group. The video has garnered millions of views and split the majority, making it one of Twitter’s biggest trends today.

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