ASAP ROCKY’s New Song: What Does DMB Mean?

ASAP fans are drawn to Rocky’s DMB music video for a variety of reasons, one of which is an acronym, what does it mean?

Rihanna, the rapper’s Lady Love and baby mama, is featured in this new single, and fans can’t get enough of these two!

DMB is an uncomplicated song with explicit lyrics. On the other hand, this video cannot be ignored as it sparked the marriage rumors.

What does DMB mean?

According to Rolling Stone, Asap’s new song stands for “Dat’s My B****h”.

The single comes with a music video created, written and produced by the rapper himself for AWGE.

More attention is focused on Rihanna’s appearance in a music video after a long time.

The video is said to be a tribute to ASAP and Rihanna’s ‘classic love story’.

The video can be viewed online, but the lyrics contain explicit language.

Marriage rumors that started in the video

DMB’s graphics have some fans who believe that Rihanna and ASAP were secretly married. Calling it art or a way to bully the couple’s followers, the visual has led some fans to think that Rihanna and ASAP may have been secretly married.

The rapper proposes to his girlfriend and the mother of the child in the song. Rihanna says “I do” while he wears a golden toothed grill with the message “Marry Me”.

However, as the two have been largely silent about their relationship, this is only a rumor.

In an interview with GQ, ASAP referred to Lili as the ‘love of life’ and revealed their personal connections.

According to rumors, Rihanna and Asep have been dating since January 2020.

Fans’ reaction to the new song

While DMB’s lyrics are controversial, fans can’t get enough of a music video highlighting the love story of Rihanna and ASAP.

An official said, “I don’t like Asepraki that much, but DMB made LMAO cry.”

“So Rihanna was on almost every frame on DMB and she couldn’t give us a little ‘wow’. I miss her voice,” wrote one Twitter user.

“THE #DMB VIDEO OH MY GOSH I literally shed tears. I like A$ap and Rihanna. That video was great. Visual, aesthetic production quality omg. I love you,” wrote one delighted fan.

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