Ashley Barnes thinks he wants Burnley to be relegated because the referees play ‘ugly’.

Burnley Forward Ashley Barnes believes some referees will be delighted to see the club relegated. Premier League.

Former manager Sean Dyche has regularly claimed that his team is doing the hard work when making big decisions, and it continues.

In the last two games, they have sent one man off for a controversial penalty kick.

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Matt Lawton was sent off for the match against Villa Park and Mike Jackson also appealed the dismissal.

Barnes argues that some officials don’t like Burnley’s ‘ugly’ style.

The 32-year-old explained in a pre-match press conference: “I think people saw us in the last season and thought we were an ugly and tough team.

“It’s not rude. People, even the referees, think we want to get out of the league. That’s just another problem we have to overcome. We just have to focus on the game.”

He was then asked if the referees agreed with Burnley’s reputation for being sluggish. “Of course it is,” Barnes said.

“The whole situation when [Kevin Friend] Going to the screens over the weekend, Tottenham kept playing. They missed a good opportunity and everyone went to prepare a goal kick but there was a VAR. ‘What?’

“Then he is smiling when he leaves and no one can talk to him. You can’t even talk to Paul Tierney at Villa Park. Go and check the screens. That’s why. We need consistency throughout our decisions. do.”

Burnley has received 67 yellow cards this season, the seventh most red cards in the division.

It will be them or Leeds United who join Watford and Norwich City to advance to the Championship.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

Dyche was fired during Easter, and Burnley has only lost two out of seven people since.

Who do you think will be relegated from the Premier League? Burnley or Leeds United?


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