Asian dolls broadcast live in prison

The Asian Doll, also known as Asian Da Brat or simply Asian, has been detained and is now known to be in prison.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Asian doll, detained

An Asian Doll whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen has been arrested and imprisoned.

The American singer also shared a series of stories on her Instagram account where she shared news of her arrest.

In one of the posts, she apologized for missing an upcoming show in Alabama due to her arrest. However, Asian insisted she would soon return to the southeastern states of the United States.

Her story was ‘Sorry I won’t arrive in Alabama and DC I’ve been detained while it’s my job and I won’t see a judge until Monday. .’

Meanwhile, in another story, she added a palm and a sad emoji to her face after saying, ‘Release me when they try to do bad things to me’.

The Dallas-born rapper has also revealed that he is due to meet with a judge regarding his arrest on November 1.

But soon she said, ‘Bond rejected! I’m still in jail. Sorry to all the fans for the show I missed. I love you, I’ll be back soon.’

Twitter user Say Cheese later tweeted that the Asian was live-streaming on Instagram, appearing to be in prison attire.

Moreover, the reason for her arrest is still unknown. Also, Asian no longer shared posts on social media handles.

Fans of Asian Doll cry out against the rapper.

Although there are no reports of Asian idol’s arrest, Asian idol fans are choosing to stand next to her.

They showed their support on Twitter, and after a while the hashtag #FreeAsian went viral on microblogging networking sites.

One fan wrote, ‘The prison is happy’ and ‘the reason for the smile’. I’m asking this question like a fool. If an Asian Doll had been crying over her phone, you would still find a way to laugh and joke with her. Even if I breathe in a certain way, I also want to laugh when the internet bothers me.’

Another person said, ‘Until our booing becomes free time #FreeAsiandol. We want her and her good lawyer.’

Someone else said, ‘Frida Bratt. Free DA dolls. Free Asia!!’


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