At least 40 injured in Chinese commercial jet engulfed in flames before takeoff

Tibet Airlines plane caught At an airport in China’s Chongqing city, a fire broke out just before takeoff on Thursday, injuring more than 40 passengers while evacuating the aircraft, Xinhua News Agency reported.

The aircraft accident occurred at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport on the morning of May 12, and there were no fatalities among 113 passengers and nine crew members on the aircraft. About 40 people were injured in the process evacuation According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the plane was treated at a local hospital on Thursday with minor injuries, such as bruises and sprains.

CAAC detailed The incident was disclosed in a statement.[jet’s] After experiencing the anomalies, the pilots procedurally aborted takeoff and … After the plane took off the runway, there were engine scratches and a fire.”

“The emergency plan was triggered and investigators rushed to the scene,” China’s state-owned aviation regulator added.

Tibet Airlines, a subsidiary of Air China, owns and manages the aircraft. The Airbus A319 departed from Chongqing around 8:00 am on May 12 and was on its way to Ningqi, Tibet, deviated from the runway due to an unspecified malfunction and was damaged.

Reuters reported on Thursday an eyewitness account of the incident witnessed by a passenger who only identified as Mr. A in Chinese media. The man said the cabin suddenly “vibrated” and shook, and after a while “the oxygen mask was lowered before the plane made a strange noise and turned off the runway.”

Person A said, “The crew noticed the fuel oil leak and started evacuating the passengers down the slide.”

After a fire broke out on the plane, passengers were forced to stop slide evacuation and desperately jump down from the jet. Witnesses said they sustained injuries to their back and legs in the process.

The doomed Airbus A319 flew with Tibet Airlines for nearly a decade before failing to take off on 12 May. Tibet Airlines is a regional airline. based in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. airline operate It has a fleet of 39 jets, including 28 A319s. A joint venture between US-based General Electric (GE) and French aircraft manufacturer Safran (known as CFM International) produces engines for the A319.

The crash in Chongqing on Thursday was the second major airline accident in China in the past two months. A China Eastern airliner (particularly a Boeing 737-800) crashed on a mountain slope in southern China’s Guangxi region on March 21. killing All 132 people were on board. CAAC launch Sector-wide inspection to identify potential safety deficiencies following the March 21 accident. A preliminary investigation into the accident has not yet revealed the cause of the crash, which the deadliest Aviation disasters since 1994.

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