ATEEZ’s leader Hongjoong tested positive for COVID-19.

KQ Entertainment announced on the 17th that ATEEZ’s Hongjoong was confirmed to have been infected with Corona 19. This announcement was made one day after the déjà vu trio came to Korea after their European tour. According to the agency, the idol is asymptomatic and has suspended all activities for the time being.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong fan Twitter flooded

When the news broke, fans posted the hashtag #GetWellSoonHongjoong on Twitter. The hashtag contains a warm and encouraging message, along with a video clip of the captain, along with a message wishing for a speedy recovery. The agency also reported that additional members had PCR tests and the results were negative. After Hongjoong of ATEEZ was diagnosed with Corona 19, fans wished for a quick recovery with the hashtag.

ATEEZ’s latest works

ATEEZ has just finished the European stage of the long-awaited readjusted THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END global tour. The 8-member group arrived in Korea on May 16th. However, a day later, KQ Entertainment informed fans that leader Hongjoong had contracted COVID-19. According to the agency, ATEEZ left Amsterdam and left for Korea after receiving a negative PCR test result.

Hongjoong is currently asymptomatic

They said, “As part of the quarantine procedure, member Hongjoong returned to Korea on the 16th and conducted a PCR test, and on the 17th it was confirmed positive. Hongjoong is currently asymptomatic, but he has been quarantined and treated at home, and the remaining seven have all tested negative.” ATEEZ said that all ATEEZ members received all three vaccinations. However, all of them wore masks, and the PCR tests of the remaining 7 people all came out negative.

According to the proclamation, the Hala Hala gang leader has suspended all activities as they are in self-quarantine. He added that the other members are continuing their normal activities in good health. Shortly after the announcement, the leader reassured his supporters that he was safe through a text message from the fan artist platform app UNIVERSE.



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