Australia urges China to remove trade barriers

Australia’s new government has urged China to lift trade sanctions if it wants to reset bilateral relations that have created new depths in the previous administration.

Chinese Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s congratulatory letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on his election victory is widely credited as easing Beijing’s two-year ban on high-level government contacts with Australia. Premier Li Keqiang said China is ready to work with Australia to develop bilateral relations.

But the Albanian said it was China, not Australia, that had changed since the center-left Labor Party came to power in 2013.

China has created a series of formal and informal trade barriers in recent years against billions of dollars in Australian exports, including coal, wine, barley, beef and seafood.

“It was China that imposed sanctions on Australia,” Albanise said at a Tokyo summit in Tokyo on Tuesday, attended by President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“There is no justification for this behavior, and that’s why it should be removed,” Albanese added.

Finance Minister Jim Chalmers has urged China to immediately lift trade barriers between its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners.

“We definitely want to see those sanctions and tariffs lifted. They are damaging our economy. Chalmers told Australian Broadcasting on Wednesday:

The Albanian and his foreign minister, Penny Wong, thanked Australian voters for giving them “the special honor of representing Australia in an important international forum” in Saturday’s elections before boarding a flight back to Australia from Tokyo.

“I will always act with integrity. I will always be honest when dealing with other leaders, our friends and partners.

In a speech at the National Press Club last week, Albanes accused Morrison of hurting relations with other countries.

He said Morrison misled the United States that Labor supported a secret plan to provide Australia with a submarine fleet powered by American nuclear technology. In fact, the party in Albania did not speak of the plan until the day before it was announced in September.

Albanese also accused Morrison of leaking personal text messages from Emmanuel Macron to the press in an attempt to discredit the French president’s complaints that Australia failed to warn the French submarine contract would be cancelled. Macron also accused Morrison of lying to him, and French Ambassador Jean-Pierrebault described the leak as a warning to other world leaders that the Australian government could weaponize their private communications.

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