Awakening Police Reform That Makes All Police Sit Through ‘Black History’ Lessons

British police reform is forcing police to take classes on “black history” and “anti-racism” as officials pressure more officers to identify as “wake”.

British officials appear not to have been sufficiently progressive as British police announced on Tuesday a plan of action that will face mandatory lectures such as “Black History” and “Anti-Racism” by officers across England and Wales. Low racial disparities affecting African ancestry.

The initial recommendations of the action plan, launched in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter in the United States, were released almost two years after George Floyd’s death.

According to press release Officials responsible for the plan, announced by the National Police Commissioners’ Council (NPCC), hope to reduce the number of blacks forced to be used by the police by ensuring that officers receive various types of anti-racism training.

Meanwhile, Abimbola Johnson, who is responsible for monitoring the plan’s rollout, said he wants more officers to identify themselves as “awake”.

“’Woke’ is treated as a negative word, but it is not. Being awake means paying attention to the injustices of society,” Johnson said. report by telegraph as said.

“I’d love to see the police really think about what that definition really means, and whether to be anti-racist you have to get used to being labeled as an awakened person,” she said. “I’m not sure how you can be anti-racist and unfamiliar with the term.”

While Johnson expressed how eager she was for police to identify as “wake up,” what she was not known to be very enthusiastic about was the refusal by commissioners of institutional racism within military forces across Britain.

This rejection did not seem easy. That’s because, late last year, a senior U.S. police officer was seriously considering classifying his organization as “institutionally racist.”

This move was largely defended by Johnson, who argued that the British military needed to build relationships with the so-called “BAME” (Black, Asian and Minority) communities.

In December of last year, Prime Minister Johnson said that “in order to combat racism, we must accept institutional racism.” “If the idea is to win the trust of the black community, the police should start by recognizing both historical and current expressions of racism in the police force.”

Her call also claimed that NPCC’s Vice-Chairman Sir Dave Thompson “is very clear that there will be institutional racism issues with the police.”

The official said, “The public acknowledgment of “systematic racism” was an official recognition of “systematic racism” at the time. There will be,” he said. prudent thinking”

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