Azealia Banks scolded Lady Gaga in a recent tweet.

Azealia Banks spoke candidly about her feelings for Lady Gaga, and the singer did not hesitate in her latest tweet.

This isn’t the first time Azealia has criticized Poker Face. In 2013, singer Lady Gaga accused her of plagiarizing herself. It was also reported that the two were working on a song together.

On the other hand, they died quickly. Azealia Banks has frequently expressed her own opinion on her Lady Gaga. The actress in A Star Is Born never said anything about it.

Azealia Banks starring Lady Gaga

Azealia Banks revealed on May 9 that Lady Gaga was trying to create tension between herself and Nicki Minaj. She said the singer didn’t provide a receipt for this, but the controversy began when one of Gaga’s fans suggested she and her Azealia duet.

Azealia claimed “Lastly, no” in a series of tweets. She doesn’t respect African American women that women. I will never respect her for asking her to fight her Nicki Minaj on her behalf. So she declines and sends a less provocative song hinting that we’ll be pouring Nicki Minaj. human blood

(f-ing eye roll).”

“Like her real deep hatred for Nicki Minaj and the cunning crap she talks about and tries to do behind the scenes,” she continued. If I want or from s-Nicki, I will do so in my time. I would not do anything for white women. .”

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Exploring their previous feuds

This isn’t the first time Azealia Banks has criticized Lady Gaga. According to EW, Azealia alleged that Lady Gaga stole the name Red Flame in 2013.

“Tell me where you got the title of Red Flame,” she said at the time. Taken from the demo sent to you by email. You are welcome to it. More where it came from. This is completely free. I will charge it next time.”

Earlier, Azealia accused Lady Gaga of plagiarizing her mermaid costume.

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