B. What happened to Smyth? R&B singer dies at age 28

American R&B singer B Smyth has passed away, grieving the loss of all her loved ones. The singer recently released her single from her ICU. However, her fate robbed her of that star too soon. But how did young singer B Smyth die? Here’s what we know.

Read ahead to learn more about R&B singer B Smyth, who died at the age of 28.

Who was B Smith?

B Smyth, whose real name is Brandon Smith, was a popular hip-hop artist. He was an American R&B singer who was much loved by his fans. Smyth was born in Florida and was only 28 years old.

His huge fan following came from his covers of famous songs on YouTube. Eventually, Smyth started performing on the show and he became a famous rapper and singer. But as soon as he became famous, bad news followed. It totally shocked everyone.

B Smyth dies at the age of 28.

Recently we received the sad news of the passing away of a young artist, B Smyth. The news came as a shock to everyone as no one believed that Smyth would pass away so quickly. It was on November 17, 2022 that the singer passed away.

Don’t miss it, the news of B Smyth’s death was shared on social media by his brother. B Smyth’s brother Denzil shared the news on Instagram of his brother. He cited respiratory failure as the cause of Smyth’s death. Smyth suffered from pulmonary fibrosis.

Fans paid tribute to B Smyth on social media.

In a recent chat about B Smyth, Denzil spoke about how his brother Smyth spoke about his fans and how much they supported him. In fact, he even released a new single for his fans a few weeks ago while in ICU. It was a special and last for B Smyth.

Plus, now singer B Smyth has passed away. His fans paid tribute to the late hip-hop artist on the internet. We also sent our heartfelt condolences to B Smyth’s family. Meanwhile, details of the memorial service for the deceased will be announced soon.

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