Bam Margera was staying at a hotel after escaping from a court-ordered rehabilitation facility.

Authorities found Bam Margera in a hotel, missing from a rehab facility earlier this week.

According to the rehabilitation facility manager, a Jackass graduate escaped from the facility on Monday.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jackass star Bam Margera was picked up from a hotel after parting from a rehab center.

Authorities found balm marghera in a hotel in Delray Beach, Florida. The hotel is believed to be near the rehabilitation center where he was staying.

Sources reported to TMZ that police and crisis intervention teams found Margera on Wednesday. They also took him back to a treatment facility.

Sources claim that the 42-year-old broadcaster voluntarily returned to rehab and did not fight.

The rehabilitation facility’s manager has previously confirmed that actor Viva La Bam will be staying at the center under strict court orders. So the police were after him.

According to sources, Westchester, Pennsylvania, was completely Native for a year in a drug and alcohol treatment program.

They also claim that Margera did not relapse. However, this is unclear, as the star stopped her medication after leaving the center.

Insiders said Margera was disappointed with the rehabilitation center after learning that she was not getting ‘special treatment’ from the facility’s staff. The celebrity was so angry that he ran away from the institution.

Learn more about Bam Margera’s substance abuse problem.

Bam Margera, named Brandon Cole Margera, first entered the Delray Beach facility in September.

He was escorted by the police when authorities claimed he was an ’emotional sufferer’.

Actress Han Ji-min has been on ‘a year of treatment’ for drug and alcohol abuse last month. He said at the time that he plans to attend outpatient care classes over the next two months.

Margera has a significant history of substance abuse problems. It is known that he was admitted to the hospital in 2019 with symptoms of edema due to excessive drinking. He also explained that he suffered from bipolar disorder.

Most recently, he was fired from the new Jackass project for not complying with the terms of the producer citing addiction issues.

The producers were concerned about his addiction problems and fickle behavior, but still wanted him to be included in the project.



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