Bazzi has apologized to Taylor Swift in the past. What did he say in 2018?

American artist and songwriter Andrew Bazzi recently favored ‘Taylor Swift things’ on a podcast on the Zach Sang Show. Bazzi explicitly discussed his remarks about his created Taylor Swift while appearing on the same podcast in May 2018. Nevertheless, this time the 25-year-old singer apologized for her past remarks. Appearing on a podcast to promote a new album titled Infinite Dream, Bazzi has moved to express regret for past remarks about Taylor Swift.

In May 2018, Bazzi appeared on the show to discuss an album called Cosmic. Nevertheless, in addition to discussing his albums, the vocalist and his hosts talked about a variety of topics related to the music industry. At some point during the discussion, Bazzi commented on fans not listening to Taylor Swift while answering a question about saving pop music. He said, ‘As a pop star, you can sell the stadium. Look at Taylor Swift. She sells out stadiums in the real sense, but individuals don’t listen to her albums. Taylor Swift has never responded to Bazzi’s comments, but hopefully Bazzi’s apology reaches the singer.

What did Bazzi say?

FYI, when Bazzi came to the Zach Sang Show, he covered a few topics during the discussion. Anyway, it was her remarks about her American vocalist and musician Taylor Swift that garnered a lot of attention from her fans, especially after she shared her own song Her Mine with her fans. Host Zach Sang told Bazzi, ‘It is documented in the records that we are storing popular music. do you actually believe it? The vocalist’s lyricist answered confidently, referring to Taylor Swift, discussing how various artists sold out her stadium, but in reality no one paid any attention to their pop album.

Bazzi’s remarks were a nod to another podcaster, Dan Zolot, who claimed he had never heard of Taylor Swift’s album yet. Then Bazzi said, ‘Nobody had it. I respect Taylor Swift that much. Really. She is like every business man’s businessman. She is selling out the arena. That is the goal of each artist. She is playing in the biggest place she can be. Anyway, I’m talking about culture. Individuals no longer listen to pop albums. Oddly enough, the 11-time Grammy-winner never responded to Bazzi’s comments, and the 25-year-old artist Bazzi has been criticized by fans for a while.

Singer Taylor Swift has apologized for her past remarks.

Bazzi said in the most recent episode of The Zach Snag Show that his comments about Taylor Swift were confusing on social media, but he wanted to apologize for his ‘silly’ remarks anyway. He explained that in my view he was making the point about how hip-hop turned into well-known music. Traditional popular music wasn’t as important as it used to be. I was referring to the kind of individual who sporadically throws out names or suggests something to reach meaningful conclusions, such as being the idiot who listens to the biggest, strongest, most genuinely, largest audience. Also, obviously, it is terrifying and unsettling if you look at the clip. I have no regrets, and surprisingly, the mistake I made feels intentional and this will one day turn into that for me. Anyway that regret pisses me off because she writes her own music. “She represents everything I stand for as an artist,” he added. Bazzi said that only ‘that stupid word’ could get in the way of him getting her truly into her studio or writing her songs with her.

He said straight to Taylor Swift that she may never have seen the video, but wanted her to know that he values ​​her assuming she did. She concluded her clarification that the singer should ‘take her apology and be her friend’. I’m sure you can either like me or hate me. Bazzi also took this opportunity to thank Taylor Swift for the great help that very few individuals in the business have done. Her own comments and her reactions to them were filled with ‘a great example’ for him. He goes further and realizes that what you said in your youth can be mis-constructed and a different story can be made, whether by chance or by unintended chance. Nevertheless, the vocalist admitted it was his fault and had to ‘annoy’ him for quite some time, so he finally had to fix it.

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