Bella Poarch comments on divorce from secret husband and announces social media break

TikTok star Bella Poarch surprised everyone with a divorce case she recently faced a backlash post taking a break from social media. Well, despite Bella being really popular among all her fans. She has hardly revealed her own private life or her love life. So no one knew that she was married. But she is now taking a break from her social media activities.

Read ahead to learn more about Bella Poarch taking a break from social media after backlash over divorce from her secret husband.

Bella Porch files for divorce from secret husband

Bella Poarch became famous for her TikTok videos. Her popularity is a post that eventually made her millions of fans across social media platforms. She was a popular star. Her fans knew little about her private life, which was mostly her love life.

Recently, news of her divorce from her secret husband was delivered, causing a great shock to everyone. According to TMZ reports, Bella Poarch and her husband Tyler Poarch are on the verge of separation. She is the man she married in 2019. No one knew that Bella Poarch had a husband.

News of Bella Poarch’s divorce has met with backlash.

Bella’s fans were shocked to learn that she was divorced from her secret husband. No one knew she was married to the popular TikTok star. In fact, netizens reacted shockingly to the news of Bella and Tyler Porch’s divorce.

The news of Bella’s divorce also sparked a backlash on the Internet. People hated the fact that her Bella hid her marriage to her Tyler from all her fans. Because they didn’t know anyone about her relationship with her Bella. Meanwhile, her long-standing relationship with Tyler has long been a secret.

Bella Porch halts social media activity

Bella is heartbroken and silent when news of her divorce from Tyler Porch arrives. She recently mentioned her divorce from Tyler and took a break from her social media posts, she posted on social media.

However, Bella did not specify when she would return. Still, she said, “I’m sorry if you think I’ve been keeping a secret. I’ll tell you when I’m ready to talk about divorce. In the meantime, please respect the privacy of me and Tyler.”

She also said that her social media accounts will now be in the hands of the team. while she rests the same.

Fans show support on Twitter.

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