Belle Collective fans shocked after Marie said she would buy an ex Rolex

On Friday night, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is back with a new episode of the Belle Collective. Empathizing with Marie’s lupus disease this week and her current situation, the public has accused her of buying a Rolex from her ex-husband to care for and raise her child.

Marie spoke about the flares of lupus.

In the most recent episode of the Belle Collective, Marie showed her anger at another brunch. I decided to talk to my business partner Essie about her plight. Marie said she almost became disabled, referring to how her lupus got worse during the conversation.

The Bell Collective star also spoke about her relationship.

The Belle Collective star also spoke about her relationship with her ex in an opening statement. She admitted to Essie that choosing to leave her husband was the toughest decision she had ever made and she had no choice but to do so because her husband had not given her another option. “It was difficult to just leave,” she said. He didn’t give me another option. His problem with me was that I didn’t prioritize him. But how do you prioritize your chronic, cheating husband? And we are working hard to pave the way for the future safety of our families. How can I set priorities?”

She added that she wanted to continue solving problems and making co-parenting a success. The Belle Collective star went on to say she would buy a Rolex if her ex-husband could help co-parent her children. She was surprised to hear Marie say this, but nevertheless she confessed it, explaining that when she married she promised to do so and she felt she deserved it.

Essie and the public who sympathize with Marie’s situation

Essie then asks about the promises Marie made to her during their marriage and whether she should pay him to take care of her son. She joked that Marie would try to tidy up and organize her after she took care of everything she had herself. She said she had no one watching over her, even though she was constantly giving and sacrificing herself for her others. Essie and the public sympathized with her Marie’s situation, but it was difficult for the public to understand why she was forcing her ex to buy her a Rolex and take care of her own son.

Fans questioned Marie’s decision to gift her ex-husband a Rolex on Twitter in light of the fact that Marie had an affair. Some followers said that Cedric didn’t deserve a Rolex because she was no longer married and that she had to let Marie go because she was overweight.


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