Benny Blanco collaborates with BTS to create special remixes of Blood Sweat and Tears, Life Goes on, and Fake Love.

The group BTS surprised fans by announcing that they would collaborate on a new project with producer Benny Blanco.

The world-famous idol group has revealed their upcoming collaborations with famous producers via their Twitter account. He also mentioned that ARMY would make a special remix for the selected song.

Here’s everything you need to know.

BTS x Benny Blanco

The collaboration between BTS and Benny Blanco is the culmination of the band’s #MyBTSTracks campaign.

The group’s studio label, Big Hit Music, has been asking fans to vote for their favorite songs in an Instagram challenge over the past few weeks. They also mentioned that the Top 3 favorite tracks will be revamped into a special remix package with help from Benny Blanco.

Most fans voted for the 2016 hit Blood Sweat & Tears. It was the title track of their album Wings.

The track with the second most fan votes turned out to be Fake Love. It was the title track of their 2018 studio album Love Yourself: Tear.

Surprisingly, the third track to be adopted as a special remix is ​​the single Life Goes On. This is the title track of the 2020 self-composed song BE.

Benny Blanco has collaborated with several notable musicians such as Halsey, Khalid, Calvin Harris, Marshmello and Selena Gomez. He is mainly known for his work on the single Lonely featuring Justin Bieber, who caused a pop sensation. The track received worldwide recognition and became a huge hit.

The three songs loved by fans will be released as a special remix on May 27th. Benny Blanco will participate in the remix production with BTS.

This remix predates the group’s expected anthology record, PROOF.

More about BTS’ new album PROOF

The remix is ​​expected to arrive a few weeks before the band releases their long-awaited album PROOF.

septet will release an anthology on June 10th. The two-week album consists of tracks from the 9-year career of BTS. He also surprised fans with ‘Yet To Come’ among the three new songs.

PROOF consists of a total of 3 CDs and a total of 45 songs. We plan to release many hits worldwide, including Spring Day, Dynamite, ON, and IDOL. It also includes numerous unreleased songs and demo versions.

The album can be pre-ordered and can be purchased at the Weverse store.



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