Beyonce mentioned Solange and Jay-Z’s fight in the elevator.

Beyonce’s seventh solo album ‘Renaissance’, released on July 29th, has attracted attention. The celebrity singer, who she is married to musician Jay-Z, appears to allude to his scandalous affair, referring to her historical argument with her sister Solange in her elevator in her 2014.

Queen Bey is believed to have ridiculed Jay Z’s adultery scandal in ‘Cozy’, ‘Alien Superstar’ and ‘Plastic on the Sofa’. Grammy-winning Kruner in 2015’s “Flawless” remix allegedly attempted the same prank, including the line “Of course, when there’s a billion dollars in the elevator, sometimes it collapses.” According to a security video leaked in May 2014, Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator after leaving the Met Gala after-party, with Beyonce watching. Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator after she left the Met Gala after-party. According to a leaked security video in May 2014, while Beyonce was watching.

Who did Jay-Z have a relationship with?

Beyonce seems to have mentioned Jay-Z’s affair with her new album ‘Renaissance’. The 40-year-old woman, referring to her elevator controversy in her song ‘Cozy’, sang “She was a god, a hero, survived, confident and fatal.” She had an affair with her sister Solange. She said, “My sister is comfortable, so you can suggest not to play around.” she went on to say I feel warm and comfortable with who I am.

Beyonce appears to be talking about her husband’s lies while immersing her in marriage in the song “Alien Superstar”. Make him addicted, lay on his lips, I lick it, and she sings. The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter mocks the media focus of the couple’s relationship in her song “Plastic on the Sofa”.

“We don’t ask for everyone’s approval. They’re too harsh on you, and they’re too harsh on me, Beyonce sings. Boy, I know you’re around me and I have to be around/I know nobody’s perfect So I’ll let you be, I’ll let you be/That’s the way you put your feelings on both of them I Your sleeve/’until you make a face’, she continues, until she says you have to leave.

In her 2016 album ‘Lemonade’, Beyonce referred to her husband’s affair allegations and called her ‘smart Becky’. The issue was addressed by Jay himself in a candid interview with The New York Times the following year. He claimed that he committed adultery because he had to “shut down emotionally” and enter “survival mode.”

Solang says, “I don’t care if you know.”

Twitter was flooded with comments from people on social media about Beyonce’s overt comments about Jay-Z’s cheating scandal. One netizen said, “I wish Beyonce would give us the song she did with Solange in ACT 2,” while another netizen said, “No, #Beyonce said in Cozy, “You can suggest not to have sex with my sister”, she said in 2014. I recall what happened to Nun Solange and Jay-Z.”

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One said, “Lmfao Beyonce is really running to the church girl.” ikdr. Beyonce is from the ghetto, but she overuses them all, so downplay it. As you know, Solange doesn’t care. I don’t care, someone else said. She now mentions this twice in her song. I don’t care if she doesn’t talk about it publicly. If she’s doing this, play a song to dispel her doubts about the D Child. Finally, one netizen commented, “When Beyonce said, “May I suggest not to have sex with my sister,” she is referring to the possibility that Solange will screw you up in the elevator. Right side.”

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