BFG Straap’s crime scene video goes viral after rapper is reportedly shot and killed

Texas rapper BFG Straap has died. The performer was engaged in a South Dallas shooting. Another victim present with him at the crime location was also pronounced dead. As per CBS, the shooting happened in the 2800 block of Casey St. The rapper BFG Straap was taken to the hospital after reportedly sustaining gunshot wounds. Cory Media Lucien 26-year-old, who was present with BFG Straap, was pronounced dead at the scene. LD The Manager, BFG Straapโ€™s manager, confirmed the rapperโ€™s demise via social media platforms.

He shared a picture of the rapper BFG Straap on Instagram. She captioned the photo, My heart in a million pieces at this moment! She likewise re-shared several tributes for the rapper BFG Straap on her Instagram stories her. She additionally told followers in one Instagram story, If I donโ€™t answer you all know that not like me but rather I will though Iโ€™m simply just hurting too at the present time. The Dallas Police Division asked followers and those present close to the scene to hand off any kind of data about the shooting to Homicide.

BFG Straapโ€™s passion for music originated from his family who had a similar interest. He had since aspired to be a successful artist. As per his official website his, BFG Straap has encountered seemingly a long period of difficulty, grief, and different promising and less promising times. The performer was known for his urban and southern-style hip-hop tracks his. In July 2019, he released an album named STRAAP A MANIAC, which proceeded to become well-known among fans. He proceeded to deliver hit singles including La Vegas, Focus, and Surgery.

Rapper BFG Straap Is Shot And Killed, Crime Scene Video Goes Viral And Tributes Pour In For Rapper

Police are searching for the individual who shot and killed two individuals including local rapper BFG Strapp in Dallas on Thursday afternoon. The reported shooting occurred along Casey Road close to Malcolm X Lane in South Dallas. No arrests have been made. Police are offering a prize for data that could prompt an arrest. The circumstances surrounding the homicides are currently being [emailย protected] posted a video of the crime location. Police were seen surrounding the region. Netizens could likewise see yellow tape blocking the area. The tweet read, Sad news, Dallas rapper BFG Straap was shot and killed in South Dallas. Rest In Peace.

Another upsetting video exhibiting the artistโ€™s body has likewise been flowing across social media platforms. The same can be tracked down on Twitter. Notwithstanding, one should be cautioned that it contains upsetting clips. Netizens were disheartened to find out about the awful fresh insight about BFG Straap passing. Many communicated that his passing his came as a shock, considering the rapper was so young. Fans thought back about his music career his and shared their condolences. A couple of tweets read, BROOO BFG STRAAP DEAD?! Nahhh say sike right now one user tweeted. The other user said Not a chance BFG Straap dead.

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